[Finished] Win tickets for Gordon Haskell in Atlantic Gdynia club!

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This Sunday, Gordon Haskell performs in Atlantic Gdynia club. The concert of the British artist is a real treat for all music enthusiasts. Tricity News has three double tickets for the event!

What to do

In the comments section below answer a simple question:

Whom would I take for Gordon Haskell’s concert and why?

Three authors of the best answers will receive free tickets for a concert from us. The contests lasts until midday on Saturday, the 19th of May.

Participate and invite others!

We warmly invite you to take part in the contest as well as to invite your friends by sharing our Facebook page or the contest post on your social media.

Terms and conditions

General terms and conditions

  1. The contest is organized under the title “Win tickets for Gordon Haskell in Atlantic Gdynia club!” and takes place online on www.tricitynews.pl.
  2. The organizer of the contest is Tricity News, belonging to Tricity Media Jakub Wozniak company residing in 81-393 Gdynia at Zwirki I Wigury 6/20 street.
  3. The contest takes place online only, begins on the 17th of May and lasts until midday on the 19th of May 2018.

Terms and conditions of participation

  1. Only those who fulfill requirements below can participate in the contest. Participant is a parson who:
    a) has a full capacity to act in law, unless has a written permission from the legal representative or the legal guardian.
    b) is not an active contributor nor worker of Tricity News nor Atlantic Gdynia club.
    c) is not a family member of an active contributor nor worker of Tricity News nor Atlantic Gdynia club.


  1. The prize in the contest are three double tickets for Gordon Haskell’s concert which takes place in Atlantic Club Gdynia on the 20th of May.
  2. Each participant can win one double ticket allowing him to go for Gordon Haskell’s concert with one more person.
  3. The winners are participants, chosen by the organizers of the contest, who during the duration of the contest will write a comment with an interesting answer to a question: Whom would I take for Gordon Haskell’s concert and why?
  4. The organizers have authority to clarify all doubts concerning the terms and conditions of the contest as well as to interpret it and make decisions.
  5. The winners will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to pick up the prize at the day of the conclusion of the contest.
  6. The winners must confirm the will of receiving the prize by answering the e-mail.
  7. The organizers will pass the information about winners to Atlantic Gdynia club.

Participant’s personal data

  1. A condition to participate in the contest is to give real personal data (Name, e-mail address) while writing a comment.
  2. By clicking “Post comment” in the comment section below, the participant informs that has read and accepts the terms and conditions. What’s more, the participant agrees for personal data processing by Tricity Media Jakub Wozniak company. The organizers gather and process data only for the purposes of conducting the contest and awarding the prize.
  3. The participant can request deleting personal data from companies database by sending a request to office@tricitynews.pl.

Final information

  1. The organizer has right to change the terms and conditions of the contest unless it could influence the participants negatively. This especially involves changing of deadlines and participation requirements.
  2. Terms and conditions apply since their publishing at www.tricitynews.pl.

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