Water in Gdansk Bay is safe according to Sanitary Inspectorate

In Gdansk, Gdynia, General, Sopot

In the middle of May millions of liters of sewage went into Motlawa river and Gdansk Bay. Since the malfunction of the wastewater plant in Gdansk, the Sanitary Inspectorate was monitoring the condition of water. According to the latest information from the inspectorate, the water meets the norms of cleanness.

Samples examination

After the emergency discharge of the wastewater, the Sanitary Inspectorate promised to carefully monitor the quality of water. They were gathering water samples along the coast of Tricity area for examination. The most important factor of cleanness for the authorities is the presence of Escherichia coli bacteria.

E. coli bacteria

Escherichia coli comes from intestines of both people and animals. On certain occasions, the bacteria can cause problems with urinary system, food poisoning as well as many other serious health problems. It exists in environment in some amounts, yet exceeding norms is a signal of serious pollution.

E. coli in Gdansk Bay

Due to the emergency discharge of wastewater in May, there was a danger of sudden and major increase of E. coli bacteria in Gdansk Bay. Examination of samples right before the long weekend showed high level of the bacteria in the area of Sopot. According to the Sanitary Inspectorate the wastewater discharge wasn’t a cause of exceeding norms. Additionally, further examinations haven’t proven the danger.

As a result, the Sanitary Inspectorate informs, that the quality of water in Gdansk Bay meets the standards of cleanness.

Keep good sense

Recent warm days in Tricity definitely invite to enjoy a swim in waters of the Gdansk Bay. This however requires keeping good sense. The official opening of bathing areas in Gdansk and Gdynia will take place on the 22nd of June. Six days later Sopot will officially invite visitors to enjoy swimming along the main beach.

From those dates, more than a hundred of lifeguards will take care of the safety at beaches in Tricity. Before then, it is important to keep good sense while enjoying the time at the seaside. Stay safe!