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Seaside Boulevard in Gdynia, photo: Jakub Woźniak/Tricity NewsSeaside Boulevard in Gdynia, photo: Jakub Woźniak/Tricity News

Visiting Gdynia, you can run away from the noise of the city center and yet be very close to it. After just minutes of walking from the main streets, you can find some peace together with the calming sound of waves. It’s hard to find a better spot to relax than one of the most recognizable places in Gdynia – The Seaside Boulevard.

The Seaside Boulevard

The Seaside Boulevard is a concrete promenade starting near the main beach in Gdynia. 1,5 km of the structure stretches along the seashore to the beach in Redlowo. Apart from protecting the coast, it became one of the most important and best-known places in the city.


The first promenade dates back to the beginnings of the history of Gdynia. Initially, the structure was just a path on a landfill. With the development of the city, the form of the structure was changing too. In the thirties, the promenade looked much like the one we know today.

The change came in 1949 when a storm destroyed the promenade. Though it took some time, the citizens of Gdynia could enjoy the Seaside Boulevard again in 1969. The structure hasn’t changed ever since.

More than a place to rest

The Seaside Boulevard is more than a promenade for pedestrians. Visitors can find good restaurants nearby, get a takeaway coffee from the bike and listen to street musicians. Most sports enthusiasts can find their spot to practice running, roller-blading, cycling or outdoor fitness here. This place has also witnessed thousands of stories of people who came here for their first dates, to have difficult conversations or to think about their lives.

What is more, the Seaside Boulevard is famous for one of the most beautiful views in Poland. It is a perfect place to walk, rest and to think.

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