Visiting Tricity: A unique city center of Gdynia

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Gdynia is the youngest city in Tricity area. It came into existence as a city in the 1920’s as an important part of Poland’s development. Because of its history, many call it the city of sea and dreams. Though the city doesn’t have as many old architectural monuments as Gdansk or Sopot does, it has something unique to offer.

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Quick development

Together with the construction of the port, thousands of people from the whole country started coming to Gdynia. From the beginning of the 1920’s to 1938 the number of inhabitants grew more than 120 times. This created a great need for housing. As a result, the development of the city center took just a bit more than a decade. This, in turn, opened a great opportunity for architects and urbanists who came to Gdynia in great numbers. They could experiment with modernist styles building the city of sea and dreams.

In 2015, the President of Poland granted Historical Monument’s title to the city center of Gdynia. Many of the buildings are landmarked and protected by law.

Modernism in Gdynia, photo: Jakub Wozniak/Tricity News
Modernism in Gdynia, photo: Jakub Wozniak/Tricity News

Modernist architecture

The building of the city center of Gdynia coincided with a rising popularity of Modernism in Europe. This was revealed in a very characteristic, single modernist style of architecture. Though this style has gathered both fans and haters, it is definitely interesting. Especially, when one can explore the whole area of modernist buildings.

What is also interesting about the city center of Gdynia is that it connects a variety of modernist styles. Walking around the area you will find influences of Art Deco, Bauhaus or works of expressionists as well as constructivists. This creates a unique modern collage of interesting attention to details, cubic shapes and curvy edges.

How to explore

If you have some time in the city center of Gdynia, feel free to enjoy a walk along the streets. Start from the historical centrelines of 10 Lutego, Starowiejska and Swietojanska Streets. Keep your head up to look for interesting details of architecture and look for bilingual information boards on the buildings.

Modernism in Gdynia, photo: Jakub Wozniak/Tricity News
Modernism in Gdynia, photo: Jakub Wozniak/Tricity News

Let the spirit of modernism lead you through the streets of Gdynia.

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