Trio Stories: 6 Quick Tricks to take BETTER PHOTOS with your PHONE

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Photo by Trio Stories PhotographyPhoto by Trio Stories Photography

This week we’re giving you 6 tips on how to take better PHOTOS with your PHONE and improve your mobile photography skills.

Mobile photo by Trio Stories Photography –
taken with an iPhone XR

Improve your phone photography

Whether you want to pimp up your Instagram feed, take stunning travel photos or just impress your friends with your smartphone camera skills, here are 6 quick and actionable tricks, that you can do TODAY to improve your phone photography.

Video credit: Trio Stories Photography

Trio Stories

TRIO Stories is a Photography & Videography brand born from 3 creative minds. Sal, Bart, and Kacper create content for businesses and people all around the world.

New project on YouTube

The TRIO has now decided to start a YouTube channel where they share an insight into their lives, showcasing Photography & Videography content including tutorials, gear reviews, behind the scenes and much more. With a sprinkle of humor and energetic personalities – the YouTube channel is set to be a hit. Viewers will be immersed in a unique lifestyle full of travel, exploration, running 2 businesses & thoroughly enjoying life.

Tricity Stories

Together with Trio Stories, we’ve launched cooperation in April 2019. Since then, we’ve produced an interview with Andrea Anastasi and multiple videos during the 44th Polish Film Festival. Visit our Tricity News Youtube channel to see all these productions.

Make sure to like Trio Stories on Facebook and to visit both their YouTube channel and the official website of the group.

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