Trefl Gdansk loses an even match against the champions

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3400 fans who came to Ergo Arena on Monday experienced an emotional roller coaster. Trefl Gdansk lost a postponded home game against current champions – PGE Skra Belchatow. With the team of Zenit Kazan present among the fans, Trefl Gdansk didn’t give the guests an easy win.

Point for point

In the first two parts of the game, both teams showed great determination. From the very beginning, it was clear that the match will be a competition between two attackers. In Trefl, Maciej Muzaj was presenting his skills. On the opposite side, there was Mariusz Wlazly, who was scoring points for his team. Going nearly point for point, the hosts managed to get away for 5 points in the middle of the set. This, however, didn’t last long and the teams leveled again soon after. Luckily for the guests, they managed to score two points in a row first, finishing the first set with an ace by Rodriguez.
Set 1 – 25:27

Teams were even closer to each other in the second part of the game. As a result, none of the teams managed to gain an advantage throughout the set. Finally, an unlucky play by Maciej Mazaj who didn’t manage to place a ball in allowed the guests to win the second set.
Set 2 – 25:27

Lions start to dominate

The unlucky first half of the match made the Lions from Gdansk very angry. In result, they pressed the guests in the middle of the third set. Trefl Gdansk managed to gain 4 points of advantage which gave them the confidence to press even more. The Lions roared loudly winning the third part of the game with 7 points more than the guests.
Set 3 – 25:18

In the fourth part of the game, Trefl Gdansk continued putting the pressure on PGE Skra. Even though the set didn’t start well for the hosts, they managed to come back and get an advantage. Fighting point for point, Trefl managed to gain three points more than the opponents. Euphoria overflowed Ergo Arena as Ebadipour spoiled his serve. Trefl got a tiebreak.
Set 4 – 25:22


In the last part of the game, PGE Skra proved their championship. Dominating the score throughout the whole set they made Trefl Gdansk chase points. Finally, the good attack by Artur Szalpuka gave a win to PGE Skra Belchatow.
Set 5 – 11:15

It was a game full of emotions for both teams. In most of the statistics it was Trefl that was better. They made fewer mistakes, had higher effectiveness of the attack and scored more points (111:109) in total. The first two sets and mistakes in the most crucial moments gave the win in match points to Skra Belchatow (2:3).

Next game

This match was a test for both of the teams before their participation in volleyball champions league. On Wednesday night Trefl Gdansk will play a home game against Zenit Kazan. The players from Russia were already observing the performance of the hosts today. Tickets for the game are available online through Ergo Arena’s website.

The next league game in Plus League will be an away match against Czarni Radom. Trefl Gdansk will come back to Ergo Arena on the 23rd of March for the last match of the main season. Their opponents will be MKS Bedzin.

Trefl Gdansk – PGE Skra Belchatow

The final score of the match: 2:3 (25:27, 25:27, 25:18, 25:22, 11:15)
MVP: Mariusz Wlazly

Squads (points)

Trefl: Muzaj (30), Schott (15), Mijailovic (14), Niemiec (9), Nowakowski (4), Kozlowski (1), Olenderek (libero) and Janusz (1), Jakubiszak, Hebda;
PGE Skra: Wlazly (20), Ebadipour (16), Rodriguez (15), Klos (10), Katic (6), Lomacz (1), Piechocki (libero) and Szalpuk (9), Milczarek (libero), Droszynski, Czarnowski, Orczyk