The Stress-Free Guide to settling down in Tricity

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Photo: Jakub Woźniak/Tricity NewsPhoto: Jakub Woźniak/Tricity News

Be ready for a shock

Culture shock is a normal part of relocating. When we change our environment, we notice that the weather and the food is different. What we tend to forget is that people have different ways of thinking and acting than in one’s home country. Culture is an invisible element, yet its impact on our life can be deep.

Get used to the fact that things are going to change and don’t fight it. Embrace the change. See it as an opportunity for growth. It can be tough at the beginning but ultimately it will make you more resilient and confident.

Find your tribe

Isolation is the worst strategy you can adapt. Spending hours on Skype with friends and family you left behind may seem to be the most comforting option, but trust me it alienates you from the world. Explore your new environment. Are you into yoga, football, dancing, or business development? There are plenty of opportunities in Tricity to develop your passion. Don’t wait till you make friends. Let your passion and hobbies be your guide. Once you find the place that suits your interest, you’ll be sure to find people who share the same passion.

Observe and get used to being observed

Polish people are not terribly outgoing and need a bit of time to make friends. Once you win their heart they will be your friends for a long time. Compared to Southern Europeans and Americans, Polish people are bit more reserved and shy. They open up to people and display friendliness at a time of their choosing that they see fit. For example they will be reserved in the office or business environment but take the same person to Monte Cassino on a Friday night or a concert in Stary Maneż or a craft beer bar and you will be pleasantly surprised.

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