The Second Day at Polish Film Festival 2018

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After a very interesting first day of the 43rd Polish Film Festival, the audience was more than ready for what was yet to come. The second day of the festival brought many important events to the participants.

Important premieres

During the second day of the festival, the audience of the festival could enjoy two important premieres. The biggest emotions arouse around the movie “Clergy” by Wojciech Smarzowski. The film depicts problems among the clergy in Poland. The other premiere belonged to “Pardon” by Jakub Kolski. Both movies take part in the main competition of the festival.

Polish Film Institute Awards

An important event for all filmmakers took place in Atlantic Club Gdynia in the evening. Polish Film Institute awarded people and organizations helping in popularizing and promoting Polish movies. These are very prestigious awards within the industry.

Tricity News at Polish Film Festival 2018

During the second day of the festival, we could see two movies from the main contest. One of them was especially interesting for us and we would like to warmly recommend watching it. The Butler depicts the history of the Kashubian region and can be a great source of historical insight into the area.

The Butler

The movie is in 90% based on the true story. The Butler tells the story of a family living at the Kashubian area. The story begins before the outbreak of the First World War and develops through the years to the end of the Second World War. This story gives the viewer an overview of social relations between Kashubian, Prussian/German and Polish people.

The peak of the story describes the Massacres in Piasnica where Nazis carried out a set of mass executions. A range between 12,000 to 14,000 victims consisted mostly of intellectuals from the Kashubian region. The film is definitely interesting for those, who would like to get to know the history of the Kashubian region. The viewers can also listen to the Kashubian language as well as to enjoy the views.

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