The Fruitcakes – a band from Tricity

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The Fruitcakes, a band formed in Tricity few years ago has just released their second album! Therefore, We reckon you should keep an eye on them!

About the band

The Fruitcakes consists of four band members – Przemek Bartos (bass, vocals), Kuba Zwolan (lead guitar, vocals), Luki Tymanski (drums, vocals) and Tomek Zietek (guitar, vocals). Occasionally, Szymon Burnos (keys, piano) plays with them. They represent Rock’n’Roll, Rock, Pop and Indie Rock as music genres. Their main goal is to spread the message of peace, love and harmony through their songs. Furthermore, The Beatles, The Doors, Bob Dylan, Chuck Berry and also Motown artists are one of their biggest inspirations. Their debut album called ‘Cukier, ciastka, miłość’ – which means ‘Sugar, cookies, love’ – was released in 2015.

Second album, music videos and Belgian label

The Fruitcakes have signed a contract with PIAS (Play It Again Sam), a Belgian label with headquarters in London. That’s why their new album will not only be available in Poland but also in many European countries. As Luki Tymanski said: ‘Our second album is dreamy, has a lot of details and is a more complex thing, that you might enjoy when you sit down and focus on listening’. Also, the band has released two music videos to the songs called ‘Suntime’ and ‘Our Love’.


This summer, The Fruitcakes will play at the OFF Festival in Katowice. However, you can often find them in many places in Tricity such as Boto Theatre in Sopot or Bruderschaft Club in Gdansk.

You can check out the band’s Facebook fanpage here: The Fcakes

If you enjoy their music, feel free to get their album in good music stores.