The Fourth Day at Polish Film Festival 2018

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Another day of the 43rd Polish Film Festival is already behind us. The audience already has their favorites and the backstage noise about potential prizes for movies is getting stronger. Here is our report on the fourth day of the festival.

Two premieres

On Thursday, the participants of the Polish Film Festival could enjoy two new movies. It was a day of premieres of “Ether” by Krzysztof Zanussi as well as “Playing Hard” by Kinga Debska. The fourth day of the festival was also an opportunity for fans to meet actors, directors and other makers of their favorite films.


During this edition of the festival, “Clergy” by Wojciech Smarzowski is definitely in high demand. The movie depicting pathological behaviors among members of the clergy in Poland gathers huge amounts of viewers.  Tickets sell out very quickly and people are queuing to take part in screenings.

Director of the movie, Wojciech Smarzowski leads the viewer through stories of three main multi-level characters. As the story develops, the viewer doesn’t only see the wrong deeds of the characters but also starts to see difficult reasons behind them. Though it does not justify problems like pedophilia, drunkenness or corruption, the story helps to see how complicated the problem is.

7 Emotions

7 Emotions” by Marek Koterski is a very interesting, multi-level movie. It tells the story of how parents may unintentionally influence the future of their kids. A great concept for the movie includes adult, well-known actors playing roles of fifth grades. The concept underlines the seriousness of seemingly trivial childhood problems.

Despite lots of comic situations throughout the course of the movie, Marek Koterski leaves the viewers with very serious afterthoughts. This is exactly what the director is famous for. “7 Emotions” is definitely worth a recommendation.

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