The Final Day at Polish Film Festival – The Final Gala

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Saturday, the 22nd of September was the last day of the 43rd Polish Film Festival in Gdynia. It was the most important day of the festival, as the best films received their prizes during the Final Gala.

Last Screenings

On the last day, the audience could see the movies participating in the main competition. The last day of the festival was though all about the upcoming final gala. The whole city was in expectation of this prestigious event.

The laureates of the 43rd Polish Film Festival

The jury of the festival had a very difficult choice. The 43rd Polish Film Festival was on a very high level and it was very hard to see a definite favorite. Four movies raised above all and they participated in the final run for the highest prize. Finally, the jury decided to grant four prizes for the best films.

A special prize for creating an extraordinary picture of the world received Marek Koterski for a movie “7 Emotions“. Another special prize of the festival went to Wojciech Smarzowski for “Clergy“. In the comment, the jury stated they awarded the movie for a socially important subject. This was though not the only prize for “Clergy”. The director received also the audience award and the jury appreciated the scenography giving the award for Jagna Janicka.

Silver Lions

The second most important award of the festival – the Silver Lions went to Filip Bajon for the movie “The Butler“. The creators of the movie telling the history of the Kashubian region received three more, individual awards. Adam Woronowicz got the prize for the best main male role. The Jury appreciated also makeup and the music in “The Butler”.

Golden Lions

The most important prize of the festival went to Pawel Pawlikowski, the director of “Cold War“. The Jury granted also prizes for the sound and the editing. Shortly after the festival, the organizers passed the information, that “Cold War” will be the Polish candidate for an Oscar Award. It will compete for the title of “the best non-English movie”.

Other Individual awards

The number of different titles from the main competition on the awards list shows how hight the level of the festival was. The Jury awarded the makers of five more movies.

Adrian Panek, the director “Werewolf” received an award for his work. It also received a prize for the music. Two awards went also to a touching movie “A Cat with a Dog“. Both female and male supporting actors, Aleksandra Konieczna and Olgierd Lukaszewicz got prizes.

Another movie with two individual awards is “Fugue” by Agnieszka Smoczynska. The Jury appreciated the director giving her the prize for “debut or the second movie”. Interestingly, Agnieszka Smoczynska has already received this title in the past for her first movie. The photography in “Fugue” also made an impression on the judges.

Pardon” by Jan Jakub Kolski received three prizes. First, the director got the award for the script. The Jury awarded also the costumes and the main female role in the movie.

Visions Apart

During the Final Gala, the audience got to know the verdicts of the jury of the visions apart competition. The main award went to Olga Chajdas for the movie “Nina“. The Jury decided also to grant a special prize to “Monument” by Jagoda Szelc.

Platinum Lions

Like every year, one of the Polish filmmakers received an award of Platinum Lions in recognition of his career achievements. In the past, this award went to such legends of the Polish film industry as Andrzej Wajda, Jerzy Hoffman, Roman Polanski, Jerzy Kawalerowicz and many other, well-known artists.

This year, Jerzy Skolimowski – a director, screenwriter, dramatist, and actor received the Platinum Lions. Skolimowski has received nearly 30 international prizes for his work.

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