The Color Run by Skittles – Gdynia at it’s happiest

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It seems that everything worked for the organizers of The Color Run by Skittles yesterday. Thousands of smiling faces, great weather and a spectacular location created a great atmosphere of the unforgettable event.

Colorful seaside

Yesterday’s event – the Color Run by Skittles was a unique edition of the world’s most colorful 5 km run. Two thousand runners took over the seaside boulevard and Kościuszko Square. The happy crowd was covered in powders in all colors of the rainbow.

More colors on the way

The participants started the run exactly at 11:30 am throwing the color powders above their heads. Already colorful, the runners were approaching the color stations. After the first kilometer of the run, the green dye covered the white T-shirts of the participants. After that, three other color stations were waiting to make the happy crowd even more motley.

Foam zone

One of the biggest attractions awaited the participants at the last kilometer of the run. The organizers placed a foam zone which brought a lot of joy. As a result all participants could fulfill their childhood dreams.

Multicolored finish

The runners received medals with unicorns at the finish line. However the competition wasn’t about the timing. It was about crossing to the finish line the most colorful. What awaited the participants after they’ve finished the run? A colorful festival area with music, dancing as well as attractions from the sponsors.
In addition, every once in a while, the festival area was bursting with colors. That was because of color blasts. The crowd was throwing the powder up in the air in the sound of music.

Happy and colorful Gdynia

Gdynia was the fourth and the last point on this year’s edition of the run. Altogether 24 thousands of people took part in The Color Run of Skittles in Poland this year. All of them will have great memories of closing the summer in this joyful as well as spectacular way.

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