Technikalia 2017 – Fun in the sun

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Fun in the sun…

That has finally arrived to Gdansk.

For many first live concert on the open air of the year, for other relaxation before intense studying, but definitely for all a way of spending a good time in the sun with friends. Technikalia are behind us, so let’s recap the concerts.

Positive Energy

Jankes as the host was most definitely a good choice for this sort of event. Spreading the humor and positive energy on all the people that came to enjoy the concerts. You can always count on him to have a good contact with the young people and make them laugh. During the concerts you could see him strolling around the area, talking to people and taking photos with them.


The concerts started with Jarecki, popular polish rapper, unfortunately not people showed up at time for his concerts but he started pretty early, 3pm on Friday, and a lot of people were still having classes at university. All these people that did show up had though, had a chance to relax in the sun, and listen to music filled with positive vibes.


Next was Xxanaxx, electronic indie music matched to the moods of both types of people around the area – the ones laying in the sun on the grass and the ones that wanted to dance next to the stage. Klaudia, the vocalist, sang songs both in English and Polish. It’s safe to say that Xxanaxx made their music perfect for open air concerts.


A bit of a change on the stage of Technikalia 2017. Luxtorpeda wasn’t anything like the bands before. With their hard rock music they bring down the house. Many people were dancing, jumping and doing all sorts of crazy dance moves. Robert, the vocalist, had many chats with the audience, telling them the meaning behind the songs, talking about his life and experiences. For all the fans of the band, there was a stand next to the stage with the band merchandise.


The day at Technikalia was winding to an end, beautiful sunset in the background and Perfect on stage. Polish radios still have their songs on their charts as the best songs of all times. Much more people were standing as close to the stage as possible and singing along to all of their songs. They sang many popular songs such as “Chcemy byc soba”, “Kolysanka dla nieznajomej” and “Niewiele Ci moge dac”, which are worth checking out if you have never come across them.


The last concert of the night was Hey. Kasia Nosowska, the vocalist, with beautiful, strong and warm voice. She said on stage that she’s not a stage animal, but for many people it didn’t matter at all. People were mesmerized by her sweet interactions with fans. You could hear her thanking the people after pretty much every of her songs.