Sunday filled with charity attractions

In General

Sunday, January the 15th is going to be a day full of attractions in Tricity. That’s because the biggest charity organization in Poland is organizing the annual Grand Finale. This special day is a day-long public fundraiser which engages whole country as well as the other Polish communities worldwide.

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity

The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity which in Polish is Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy helps people for 25 years now. Their story began in 1991 when Jerzy Owsiak established the name. The official founding of the charity took place two years later. During their first finale the organization gathered more than 1,500,000 USD. Each Grand Finale has a special aim. Throughout the years, the charity was helping newborns, children, accident victims, elderly and more. In 24 finals, since 1993, the organization collected over 130,000,000 USD. The charity bought a lot of medical equipment thanks to the gathered founds.

The 25th Grand Finale

During the 25th Grand Finale, The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is going to collect funds for saving the lives of children in pediatric wards and providing dignified medical care for patients in geriatric wards. Nearly 120,000 volunteers are going to appear on the streets with characteristic cans and heart-shaped stickers. A variety of events is going to take place throughout the country.

The Grand Finale in Tricity

The cities of Tricity are going to take an active part in The Grand Finale. Whole Sunday will be filled with a variety of attractions. The main event in Gdansk is a concert at Targ Węglowy. First bands are going to start playing at 3 pm and the event is ending near 8pm with a firework display.

Main events in Gdynia are going to be organized in Riviera shopping mall. At the main stage, the audiance will see concerts and performances of different artists. Additionally, each shopping mall in Gdynia organizes it’s programme with lots of attractions. The Grand Finale in Gdynia will end at 8pm with firework displays as well.

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