Stokowiec replaces Owen after another Lechia’s draw, Arka loses in the last minute

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Adam Owen, former coach of Lechia Gdansk, photo: Luke Aliano/Tricity NewsAdam Owen, former coach of Lechia Gdansk, photo: Luke Aliano/Tricity News

Piotr Stokowiec became new Lechia Gdansk’s trainer after the team got only three points in five games. Arka Gdynia, with the same three points after winter break, lost by 2-1 against Cracovia. The winning goal in Cracow came in the 89th minute.

Changes in Lechia Gdansk

Adam Owen is not Lechia Gdansk’s trainer anymore. He stopped working on this position one day after Lechia’s last match. White and Greens recorded a null-null away at Zaglebie’s Lubin field on Friday. It was the third draw in five games after the winter break.

New coach – Piotr Stokowiec will take over a team that still hasn’t won after the winter break. As a result they desperately need points. Lechia Gdansk remains only two points away from the last two in Ekstraklasa. Relegation becomes a threat to players from Gdansk.

Zaglebie Lubin – Lechia Gdansk

Zaglebie had ten more points and was already comfortable in the first eight of the championship. Lechia Gdansk did not create one single chance in the first half and suffered some scares in it.

At the ninth minute, Kamil Mazek centered with danger towards Lechia’s goal. Kuciak however saved efficiently sending the ball to the corner. One minute from the break, Matuschyk center allowed Mares to head the ball toward Kuciak.

In the second part, Portuguese brothers Paixao with a help of Slawomir Peszko created a good chance at the 63rd minute. Flavio’s shot was weak though and easily saved by Dominik Hladun. It was the best opportunity the White and Greens had in this game.

Zaglebie answered in the 71th minute with a counter attack. This ended up with an easy save by Kuciak after a weak shot by replacement Moneta. It was the last moment of danger until the final whistle.

Next match

Next Sunday, Lechia Gdansk will host Legia Warszawa, currently second in Ekstraklasa. The game is of critical importance if the White and Greens want to get further away from relegation zone.

Similar problems in Gdynia

Like Lechia Gdansk, Arka Gdynia still hasn’t won since winter break. They still hope however, that they will end the regular phase of Ekstraklasa in top eight. Recording the second loss in five last games doesn’t help in those plans.

Cracovia Cracow – Arka Gdynia

Gdynia’s lost 2-1 away to Cracovia on Sunday. Krzysztof Piatek scored the deciding goal in 89th minute. 

Before that, Arka Gdynia had two good chances to get the advantage in the first half. First was Zbozien, with a good shot in the 21st minute. Shortly after that, Piesio saw keeper Peskovic stopping his strong shot at the 29th minute.

Cracovia was more effective in the end of the first half though. Two corner kicks in a row led to the first goal for the hosts. Steinbors saved the first, good header by Covilo. Right after that Helik, free of Arka’s defenders opposition, took advantage of the second corner kick. This gave Cracovia the lead in the 42nd minute.

Arka Gdynia only needed 12 minutes to get the equaliser with a fantastic goal after a corner kick. Cracovia’s defenders put Szwoch’s centre away from the box. However, Krivets’ 30-meter shot combined with the ball hitting a defender was enough to beat home team’s keeper.

In the 69th minute, Arka almost got into the lead after a blunder from Cracovia’s keeper. The keeper managed to recover from this mistake though and to keep the result.

Like in the first half, Cracovia was better in the dying minutes of the game what brought a good result again. Wdowiak forced Steinbors to a fantastic save at the 87th minute. Two minutes later Piatek got the winning goal after a corner kick heading the ball out of Steinbors’ reach.

Next match

With this result and with four games remaining in the regular season, Arka Gdynia hosts Termalica next Monday. Arka remains three points away from the top eight of the Ekstraklasa – teams that will play for the championship.

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