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Musical Theatre in Gdynia, photo: Jakub Wozniak/Tricity NewsMusical Theatre in Gdynia, photo: Jakub Wozniak/Tricity News

How to spend the weekend in Tricity? – It is a series of articles on Tricity News. We publish information about upcoming events for each weekend. From a great variety of different events happening in the area every week, we are choosing those which in our opinion are the most interesting and English-friendly. Here are our ideas for the weekend of 29-31 March.

Whole Weekend

Traditionally, we would like to warmly invite you all to visit our friends from the Musical Theatre in Gdynia. This week, the theatre invites for a beautiful show on the basis of the book by Polish writer – Boleslaw Prus. Lalka is a beautiful tale about love which takes the audience to a long and exciting journey. The director Wojciech Koscielniak uses multiple interesting metaphors to tell the story. Check the official website of the Musical Theatre for more information and tickets.

If you didn’t manage to join the food truck festival last weekend, you don’t have to worry too much. There is yet another opportunity for all the gourmands in the area. The food truck festival “Wielka Szama” which will take place on Saturday and Sunday near Metropolia mall. The food trucks will be waiting for all hungry ones from 12:00 am to 9:00 pm.

Baltic Opera in Gdansk invites for a romantic ballet show Giselle. Shows will take place every day of the weekend. Tickets are available online through the main website of the opera.

The original anatomy exhibition is open in Metropolia mall. Body Worlds is a set of exhibits presenting the details of human anatomy by professor Gunther von Hagens. The tickets cost from 45 PLN to 65 PLN and are available both online and at the entrance to the exhibition.

There is still a possibility to enjoy guided tours around the Shakespeare Theatre in Gdansk. The tours are both in Polish and English and take 60 minutes. Tickets are available online as well as in ticket offices of the theatre.


BOTO theatre in Sopot invites for a jazz concert by Somebody’s quartet. The group consists of representatives of Norway, Denmark, and Sweden. The band has already presented two albums to the world, both met with an appreciation of the critics. Tickets in the price of 25 – 30 PLN are available online through interticket.

SFINKS 700 club in Sopot invites for Drum and Bass Dj’s Battle. The event starts at 10 pm and tickets in prices of 15-25 PLN are available at the entrance to the club.

Throughout the weekend, in various shopping malls around Tricity you will hear live music. This is thanks to 3City Piano Days which will take place in Morena mall, Afla Centre, Madison mall as well as Klif mall. Additionally, the music will sound in Sopot Centre. The main goal is to promote pianos and learning to play the instrument. All participating malls planned many attractions for families, so make sure to go on a nice tour this weekend.


Stary Manez in Gdansk invites for an incredible show of visual arts. “The Sand Concert of the Film Music” will definitely amaze many viewers. During the show, there will be a possibility to see the sand painting, speed painting, light shows and many others. The audience will also enjoy listening to music by Oleksandr Bozhyk – the participant of the last edition of “Got Talent” show. Tickets for the show are available through the official website of the club.


For us, it is American Football that dominates this weekend. Our partners, Seahawks Gdynia are playing their first home game of the season. We warmly invite you to come to the National Rugby Stadium in Gdynia on Sunday at noon to support the team from Tricity. More information in the link below.

Both Arka Gdynia and Lechia Gdansk will play their games home this weekend. First, Lechia will face Piast Gliwice on Friday at 8:30 pm at Energa Stadium Gdansk. On Saturday, Arka Gdynia hosts Slask Wroclaw at 6:00 pm in Gdynia.

Fans of Basketball can visit Ergo Arena on Saturday at 5:00 pm to see the game between Trefl Sopot and Polpharma Starogard Gdanski. The tickets vary in prices but are not more expansive than 20 PLN. They are available at the entrance to Ergo Arena.

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