Short Film and Visions Apart competitions at Polish Film Festival

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In addition to the Main Competition, the 43rd Polish Film Festival will also host 2 additional competitions. Short Film Competition and  Films. In this article, you will find a list of movies which qualified to those two competitions. Click the title of the film to find out more about it.

Short Film Competition

26 films will compete in the Short Film Competition. The films come from numerous producers and film schools.

  1. 1410“, dir. by Damian Kocur
  2. Atlas”, dir. by Maciej Kawalski
  3. Loved ones”, dir. by Zofia Kowalewska
  4. Boys With Butterflies”, dir. by Marcin Filipowicz
  5. Daughter”, dir. by Mara Tamkovich
  6. For You”, dir. by Katarzyna Wiśniowska
  7. Tremors”, dir. by Dawid Bodzak
  8. The Beast”, dir. by Kamila Chojnacka
  9. Elizabeth”, dir. by Wojciech Klimala
  10. Fascinatrix”, dir. by Justyna Mytnik
  11. Game of Chicken”, dir. by Karina Hajdamowicz
  12. Girls from the country”, dir. by Anna Drozdek
  13. Murphy”, dir. by Ivan Bambalin
  14. My pleasure”, dir. by Tadeusz Kabicz
  15. Nicotine”, dir. by Ewa Wikieł
  16. Reflection”, dir. by Emilia Zielonka
  17. Operation”, dir. by Mohammed Almughanni
  18. The Last Client”, dir. by Anna Urbańczyk
  19. Relax”, dir. by Agnieszka Elbanowska
  20. Sashka”, dir. by Katarzyna Lesisz
  21. Happiness”, dir. by Maciej Buchwald
  22. I’ve Got Something For You Too”, dir. by Iwo Kondefer
  23. Cradle Me”, dir. by David Tejer
  24. Users”, dir. by Jakub Piątek
  25. Wonder Girls”, dir. by Anastazja Dąbrowska
  26. Sophie’s Ordinary Life”, dir. by Dominika Gnatek

Visions Apart Competition

8 films compete for the Golden Claw Award in Visions Apart Competition. 6 out of those films are premieres. Here is the full list of competitors:

  1. 53 Wars“, dir. by Ewa Bukowska (debut)
  2. The Day of Chocolate“, dir. by Jacek Piotr Bławut (debut)
  3. Another Day of Life“, dir. by Damian Nenow, Raúl de la Fuente (debut)
  4.  “My Friend The Polish Girl“, dir. by Ewa Banaszkiewicz, Mateusz Dymek (debut)
  5. Monument“, dir. by Jagoda Szelc (second film)
  6. Leave Me Not“, dir. by Grzegorz Lewandowski (second film, premiere)
  7.  “Nina“, dir. by Olga Chajdas (debut)
  8.  “Windows, windows“, dir. by Wojciech Solarz (debut)

The 43rd Polish Film Festival

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