Seahawks Gdynia won at the bird nest against Falcons

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Seahawks Gdynia opened the 2018 season of American Football in Poland this Saturday. The team from Tricity was a definite favorite, however Falcons didn’t want to give the field away easily. The freezing cold didn’t help the players and the fans, but the emotions on the field warmed up the atmosphere.

First quarter

Seahawks Gdynia opened the match choosing to kick and defend the run of Falcons. The players from Tychy sensed their first chance of the match and pressed the defense of the Hawks. Seahawks were doing their best to keep the opponents away from the end zone. In the 5th minute the Falcons’ quarterback threw an accurate 20 yards pass to Wojciechowski who scored a touchdown. Surprisingly then the guests were the ones to take the lead first. Yet, the Hawks knew well what’s their objective. In the 8th minute of the quarter Joseph Bradley (QB) threw accurately to Jakub Mazan (WR) who scored the first touchdown for the hosts. The team however didn’t manage to score extra points and the first half ended with 6-7 at the screen.

Second quarter

The second quarter of the match didn’t bring big changes to the score. A breakthrough came in the 8th minute of the quarter though. Pawel Henicz (WR) received a 16 yard pass from Joseph Bradley and scored the second touchdown for the Hawks. Though the players didn’t manage to score extra points again, they took the lead before the half time. Frozen fans saw 12-7 at the screen while leaving their places for warming up during the break.

Third quarter

Coach Cetnerowski is already known for his motivational speeches. The players must have heard one of them during the break. As a result they entered the second half of the match going for their third touchdown. In the 3rd minute of the third quarter Joseph passed to Mazan again. The Wide Receiver had no problems with finishing the ball in the end zone. Przemyslaw Portalski (WR) performed a succesful PAT and the 19-7 result appeared at the screen.

However, this wasn’t Seahawks’ last word in the third quarter of the game. In the 10th minute of this part of the match Bradley passed to Portalski again. This throw was easily turned into the fourth touchdown for Seahawks. After a succesful PAT by Portalski the Hawks were leading 26-7.

Fourth quarter

In the last quarter of the match Falcons tried to chase up the score. Shambry passed a spectacular 35 yard pass to Szrejber who managed not only to catch the ball, but also to score a touchdown. Soon after the good kick, the fans saw 26-14 result on the board.

Seahawks Gdynia wanted to finish the match well, so they pressed the opponents in the further part of the last quarter. First Jan Domagala (RB) scored a touchdown after a 3 yard run. Good kick by Portalski brought 33-14 to the screen.

The Hawks finished the match with a big hit. The defense pressed Tobiasz Witalis, who received the ball after a kickoff. Rafal Rydzewski (LB) performed a very good tackle which caused a fumble. Marcin Dubicki (LB) threw himself toward the ball and it stayed in Seahawks’ claws. Bradley gave the ball to Pelplinski (RB) who ran 15 yards straight into Falcons’ end zone. This touchdown set the result for 40-14 for Seahawks Gdynia.

Next matches

The home match placed the Hawks at the second place in the league. Seahawks Gdynia will now travel to Bialystok to face Lowlanders next weekend. After that, on the 8th of April Black&Yellows will host Panthers Wroclaw. This match between the champion and the runner-up is a must go for all American Football fans.