Seahawks Gdynia with LFA Wildcard [PHOTO & VIDEO]

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Seahawks Gdynia didn’t give a chance to Warsaw Sharks last Saturday winning comfortably in a home game. This was a very important match for the team from Tricity, as the prize was the wildcard. Thanks to the win, Seahawks Gdynia will now play in the final part of American Football League season – the playoffs.

Last chance for playoffs

After losing the last match of the main season to Lowlanders in Gdynia, Seahawks were in a difficult position. Fans couldn’t imagine play-offs without Black&Yellows, but the only chance for it to happen was winning the wildcard. In the wildcard game, the team from Tricity faced Warsaw Sharks. It could seem like a very easy task, but there were still obstacles on the way to playoffs. One of them was the fact, that Seahawks couldn’t play at their usual ground due to renovation. As a result, the team hosted guests at rugby field in Sopot.

Big hit from the start

Seahawks Gdynia didn’t focus on inconveniences and they entered the game spectacularly. One of their first plays finished with a 5-yard pass for a touchdown. The receiver was Pawel Henicz who opened the score for the hosts. Przemyslaw Portalski added one more point to the score. Shortly after, Szymon Syposz entered Sharks’ end zone scoring the second touchdown. The first part of the match ended with a sack which underlined Seahawks’ domination.

The second quarter opened with a sack

Seahawks Gdynia were expressing their determination to enter the playoffs. They opened the second part of the game by sacking the guest QB. In this part of the game, Jakub Mazan caught a long pass finishing the 32-yard play with a touchdown. Before the break, Bradley Jones got sacked several times more. Additionally, Piotr Rudnicki finished a 25-yard pass play in Sharks’ end zone giving the hosts a comfortable lead. Seahawks Gdynia took a break seeing 28:0 at the scoreboard.

Second half

The second half opened with some problems on both sides of the field. On one hand, Jakub Muraszko managed to intercept Sharks’ pass giving the ball to the hosts. Shortly after this though, Lukasz Przygodzinski performed a sack on Joseph Bradley. Fortunately for the hosts, the guest quarterback continued his low performance and the defense stopped him again.

Jakub Mazan caught a very good, long pass from Joseph Bradley and scored yet another touchdown for Seahawks. This time, the ball traveled 66 yards adding yet another points to the score.

Final Knock Out

The last quarter of the game went fast. Seahawks Gdynia continued to press and to win points underlining their total domination over Warsaw Sharks. Szymon Syposz made a great 46 yard run into the end zone. This touchdown was however denied by the referees due to a foul by Seahawks. Shortly after that, however, Piotr Rudnicki caught a pass giving the points to his team. Seahawks Gdynia won with Warsaw Sharks 41:0.

Video source: LFA (American Football League)


Thanks to the match, Seahawks Gdynia advanced to the semi-final of American Football League. In this upcoming round, they will travel to Bialystok to face Lowlanders again. The match will take place on the 14th of July and will decide if the Seahawks get into the Polish Bowl.

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