Seahawks Gdynia lose home to Panthers Wroclaw

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On Sunday Seahawks Gdynia hosted the current champions – Panthers Wroclaw. Matches between these two teams are like the derby of Poland in American Football. Both Seahawks and Panthers are multiple champions and represent the league at the international level. In recent years fans can notice the domination of the team from Wroclaw. This time the guests prevailed again winning over Seahawks at their home nest in Gdynia.

First quarter

Panthers entered the match determined to strengthen their leading position in the league. At the early stage of the game, Timothy Morovick sent a very accurate, 50 yard pass to Tomasz Dziedzic. After a good PAT by Krzysztof Wisa the guests were leading 0:7.

This however was not the end of Panthers’ efforts in the first quarter. Morovick showed his good form again performing a 52-yard run surprising the defense of Seahawks. Moments later Wis scored another PAT without any problems. As a result the fans saw 0:14 at the scoreboard. This was definitely not how the Seahawks imagined the opening this game.

Second quarter

Despite visible domination of Panthers, Seahawks Gdynia were trying hard to score. Just before the end of the first half of the match Joseph Bradley noticed Jakub Mazan waiting in the end zone. An accurate 25 yard pass landed in hands of the Wide Receiver and Przemyslaw Portalski scored a PAT moments later. The result before the break was 7:14 and the hopes of Seahawks’ fans were still burning.

Third quarter

After the break, Seahawks Gdynia still couldn’t pass through a good defense of Panthers. Good marking of receivers and a very good defense line were making it very hard to gain yards. On the other side, the Seahawks couldn’t block the efforts of the guests.

At the end of the third quarter Timothy Morovick scored a touchdown after a 30 yard run. A good PAT resulted in 7:21 on the scoreboard. Seahawks were now in a very difficult position.

Fourth quarter

The beginning of the last quarter buried the chances of the hosts to win the battle. After a short pass Wiktor Zieba scored the last touchdown for Panthers. Seahawks could now only fight for lowering the defeat and they did. Joseph Bradley passed through 20 yards to Pawel Henicz and Portalski didn’t fail to score the PAT. The final result of the match is 14:28.

Situation in the table

Panthers are still invincible in their group. The players from Wroclaw scored 122 points in 3 matches and strengthened their position as leaders. Following them Seahawks Gdynia have 4 points. The loss against Panthers was the first in this season and the Black&Yellow’s definitely want to learn as much as possible from it.

Next match

Next American Football match in Gdynia will be a real treat for all fans of this sport. Seahawks Gdynia will host Budapest Cowbells on April 29th. We warmly invite for the match to support the team from Tricity in their return to the international championships.