Seahawks Gdynia kick off this Saturday

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Seahawks Gdynia are now ready to begin the 2017 season of the Polish League of American Football (PLFA). In their first game of the season, Seahawks are facing Panthers Wroclaw.

American Football in Poland

American Football has been developing dynamically throughout recent years in Poland. Right now there are 35 senior teams playing in three divisions of the Polish League of American Football. Additionally, there are 19 teams playing eight-man football – PLFA 8. There are smaller clubs and reserves playing in this division. Furthermore, 28 teams in Poland play in junior divisions.

Seahawks Gdynia is the representative of Tricity in PLFA. Team B of Seahawks Gdynia plays in PLFA II and there is also a junior team which play eight-man football.

The most titled team in Poland

Seahawks Gdynia are the most titled team in Poland. The team won Polish Championship three times in history (2012, 2014 and 2015). Three other times Seahawks played in the final of the league coming in second place.

The club was established in 2006 and as a result is one of the oldest teams in Poland.

Plans for 2017

After a very good season in 2016, Seahawks Gdynia ended up the season with only one defeat, playing against Panthers Wrocław. This loss was costly due to the fact that the Seahawks had to give up their championship to the Panthers.

This year the team is motivated to reach for the highest trophy in Poland once again. The international crew of coaches has been working with players for months preparing for the kick off.


The head coach of Seahawks Gdynia is Maciej Cetnerowski. In his crew there are Daniel Piechnik, who is the defensive coordinator and the special teams coordinator. Additionally, two Americans are also coaching the team – Christopher Young is the offensive coordinator and Lewis Bailey is the offensive line coach. Mirosław Babiarz is responsible for physical preparation of players.