Seahawks Gdynia crushed Wroclaw Outlaws

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Seahawks Gdynia played a home game against Wroclaw Outlaws last Saturday. This was a new beginning for the team from Tricity. The new quarterback – Joey Bradley had his debut as a Black & Yellow.

Changes in the team

Seahawks Gdynia started the season with a quarterback from the US. The 25 year old player didn’t meet the expectations of the team. Additionally, his performance had a bad impact on results of the team from Tricity. The management decided to sign-up a new quarterback – Joey Bradley. He marked his presence visibly from the very beginning of the game against Wroclaw Outlaws.

Precise passes and good runs

The Seahawks dominated the game from the very beginning. Joey Bradley was passing right into the hands of Seahawks’ receivers. The first to score a touchdown was Jakub Mazan. Even though the Outlaws were trying their best, they couldn’t get through the defense of the  Seahawks. Pawel Fabich was the second one to gain points for the hosts.

TheOutlaws had their chance to score at the end of the first and the beginning of the second quarter of the game. Even though the effort was noteable, the guests couldn’t pass through the well organized defense. Seahawks also visibly dominated the second quarter and Pawel Fabich scored the next touchdown of the game. The first half ended with a result 21:0.

The second half

The hosts continued to put on a show from the very beginning of the second half. The score underlined their domination. Seahawks entered the end zone of Outlaws three times during the third quarter. Jan Domagala and Bartosz Chojecki scored after a run and Jakub Mazan received another good pass from Joey Bradley and converted it into a touchdown.

At the beginning of the last quarter Jakub Mazan ran 56 yards and scored a touchdown. Jan Domagala also scored one more touchdown toward the end of the game. The match ended with a score 55:0 for Seahawks Gdynia.


Jakub Mazan, the wide receiver of Seahawks Gdynia was chosen the MVP of the match. It seems that he really clicked with the new quarterback and this duet can still give the Seahawks a lot of points. In total Jakub Mazan scored 3 touchdowns in the game in front of 700 supporters.

A difficult away game

The next game Seahawks are playing in Warsaw against Eagles. The team from the capital is currently leading in the table of PLFA. The game is scheduled for the 6th of May.

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