Seahawks Gdynia continue a winning streak in season’s first home game

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After a spectacular opening of the season in Lodz, Seahawks Gdynia played their second game home. The inauguration of games in the birds’ nest was full of surprises and emotions.

High emotions from the start

The first deal of surprises took place right before the game. Seahawks Gdynia altered their entrance allowing the majority of players to form a tunnel. The defensive formation presented themselves to the crowd rushing between their colleagues one by one.

Right after the first whistle, the hosts caused yet another surprise. Jakub Mazan caught the kickoff and presented a fantastic 90-yard run. His spectacular speed while gaining the first touchdown of the game gave fans something to be really excited about. Unfortunately, kicker Wojciech Daniszewski didn’t manage to add points as the Falcons blocked his kick. This gave hopes to the guests, who came in front just moments later. Seahawks Gdynia continued to play well though and they scored one more touchdown in the first quarter of the game. The PAT was unsuccessful again and the fans saw 12:7 on the scoreboard at the end of the first quarter.

In the second quarter, just as a week ago in a game against Wilki Lodzkie, Arkadiusz Cieslok, who normally plays as DL appeared as a running back. Thanks to him, the Seahawks could enjoy further points after he delivered the ball into the endzone. What followed was yet another unsuccessful extra-point attempt. The last points of the quarter came thanks to Mateusz Miotke who got a touchdown after a 29-yard passing attempt. Finally, the hosts managed to add some points thanks to a good ball by Philip Juhlin straight into Michal Jarocki’s hands. Seahawks Gdynia left for a break with 26:7 on the scoreboard.

Second half

The third quarter was a big surprise for both the hosting team and their fans. Falcons opened this part of the game with a touchdown by Grzegorz Dominik. The guests added more points thanks to a good action by a duet Keith Ray and Tomasz Nowak. Falcons must have heard some very effective motivational speech in the locker room during the break. As a result, the Seahawks’ lead decreased to 6 points only.

At the beginning of the fourth quarter, Falcons had an opportunity to gain the lead. They were already in the red zone when the hosts’ defense managed to push them away. As a result, the guests had to punt. In the fourth quarter, the fans could see two sacks, one on each side. Dominik Sikora for Falcons and Bartosz Domazalski for Seahawks. At the end of the game, the players from Gdynia got some more air using Falcons’ mistake – a muffed punt return 10 yards from the endzone. Arkadiusz Cieslok needed tow runs to get his second touchdown of the game. In the last minute, the team from Tychy could only decrease the point distance. Keith Ray delivered the ball into hosts’ endzone after a short run and Krzysztof Richter set the score with a good kick. The final result 32:27 appeared on the scoreboard.

Sideline comments

Sideline interviews by Jakub Wozniak/Tricity News

Game highlights

Video highlights of the game, source: Seahawks TV

Next Game

Seahawks Gdynia play their next game of the season at home as well. On the 14th of April at noon, they will host Warsaw Mets. The team from the capital has lost their only game so far.

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