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The new season of LFA (American Football League) starts this Saturday. In the first round, Seahawks Gdynia will play an away match against Wilki Lodzkie. The team from Gdynia went through many changes during the off-season. They are however now ready for the new chapter of their history.

Season 2018

The last season was very difficult for Seahawks Gdynia. It was the first time since 2013 that the team from Tricity didn’t get into the final of the league. Their last match was a lost semifinal against Lowlanders Bialystok. After the game, the long-time head coach Maciej Cetnerowski announced that he discontinued the coaching career.


The legend of Seahawks Gdynia – Maciej Cetnerowski is still very active in the club as he is now the sports director. His successor on the field is Mele J Mosqueda – an American who has worked for a variety of German clubs thus knowing the reality of European leagues.

In addition, the team from Gdynia now has two new imports – Philip Juhlin (QB) and Barron Miller (LB). The latter one has been chosen the best tackling player in the Austrian league last season.

Additionally, there were some more notable changes in the coaching crew. Gawel Pilachowski trains the Running Backs and Peter Plesa takes care of the Defensive Backs. Both coaches are well-known to fans of American Football in Poland. The respect they’ve gained thanks to their hard work can definitely benefit the players they cooperate with.

Check Seahawks Gdynia roster in the presentation below:

Source: Seahawks TV

2019 Season of LFA1

In the main part of the 2019 season, Seahawks Gdynia will play 8 games. The season starts for the players from Gdynia with an away game against Wilki Lodzkie. At the end of the month, there will be the first home game against Tychy Falcons. The biggest emotions will definitely accompany a game against Panthers Wroclaw, who for years were competing with the Seahawks for the title of the best team in Poland.

Graphic source: Seahawks Gdynia

Ready to fight for the highest goals

As coach Mosqueda commented, many teams in the LFA1 have gone through big changes during the off-season. There are also many new teams which are ready to show their skills on the highest level of American Football competitions in Poland. This means each of the teams can surprise and we are definitely going to witness a season filled with emotions.

The current goal for Seahawks Gdynia is to get to playoffs. The coach underlined however that the team will focus on week-to-week challenges. As a result, the season goals will definitely evolve during the season.

Source: Seahawks TV

Wilki Lodzkie – Seahawks Gdynia

The Saturday game starts at 5:00 pm. It will definitely be a challenging game for the Seahawks as they will face their opponents after traveling some 350 km. The spirit of the team is though very strong. As both the coach and new LB Barron Miller underlined, the players are excited to play and ready for the challenges.

Seahawks trademark develops

During the off-season the management of Seahawks Gdynia did a lot of work to strengthen the recognition of the club. They participated in various charity events and started many partnerships. They also contribute to cooperation between Gdynia and Seattle. All those topics deserve separate articles to write about. We will be posting about it soon.

The most exciting news for us though is that for the second year in row, Tricity News is the official media partner of the club. We are looking forward to our cooperation this season.

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