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[sponsored] Expats often worry if the amount they pay every month for their apartments is appropriate. In this part of our cooperation between Tricity News and BigDoor24, we share information on Rent by District for the first quarter of 2019.

Are you Goldilocks?

Are you paying too much rent or too little? … or, as Goldilocks would say, just right!

We at BigDoor24 have researched all offers advertised for each district across a number of portals, adjusting for stupid offers (rent for 1 PLN, etc.). Additionally, we have only focused on those areas where there is a large number of apartments for rent, omitting districts where there were too few.

Be aware that these are offers (net of media) and so are open to negotiation. It would be fair to say that in a lot of cases the average could be reduced by 5 % + if we had access to actual market rents.

Average rent per district

Let’s start by looking at the average Rent per district in real terms.

As you can see by the Graph below, rents in the city range from under 2,300 PLN to nearly 3,100 PLN depending on where you decide to live. With the city average at 2,650, most districts are actually very close to this.

Within the numbers, there is a disparity between apartments that have been newly built and those that are in older buildings. Newly built apartments do tend to be both more expensive in rent but also in terms of building management costs.

To get a better view on value, the following graph is average rent per meter squared ( m2).


At first look, we can see that Zabianka-Jelitkowo, while more expensive in real terms, will actually allow for a slightly larger apartment for your money compared to Srodmiescie.


The availability is similar to other cities with approximately 4 times more apartments for sale versus those available to rent. However, the number of properties for sale or rent is significantly lower than for example Krakow, versus population.

High season – lower availability

Yet another thing one needs to consider while looking for an apartment in Tricity is the existence of high seasons. First such moment occurs during the summer holidays. Many landlords decide to switch to short-term rental for tourists. The apartments also disappear much faster during September and October when students flow to Tricity.

Happy Renting,

Team BigDoor24

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Disclaimer: The above is simply a result of the best and honest research by Team BigDoor24 and should not be relied upon solely in the absence of professional advice.