Recommendations for 42nd Polish Film Festival – Part 3

In Entertainment, Gdynia

The third and last film we recommend in this series of articles is “Amok“. I think it is worth watching as a crime thriller with nomination in the Main Competition of the 42nd Polish Film Festival. The premiere of this crime film was on 24th of March 2017.

Plot of the film

A massacred body is drifting on the Oder river.  After a few days it is found by fishermen. The victim turns out to be an architect Mariusz Roszewski. Four years later, an anonymous report binds the murder to the plot of novel ‘Amok’ written by Krystian Bala in 2003. Inspector Jacek Sokolski quickly finds evidence that relates to the motive described in the criminal book. The story of the murder shakes the whole world. The killer gets sentenced for 25 years of imprisonment.

Director and cast

Katarzyna Adamik is a Polish film director, visual arts and storyboard artist. She is also a daughter of a well-known Polish film director Agnieszka Holland. She debuted in the film industry in 1993. Mateusz Kościukiewicz plays the main role of the murderer and writer Krystian Bala. Łukasz Simlat plays inspector Sokolski. The cast also consists of other great Polish actors – Zofia Wichłacz (as murderer’s wife), Zbigniew Stryj and Mirosław Haniszewski.


The film participated in competitions at the Kołobrzeg Film Festival as well as the International Netia Off Camera Festival. The nomination to Golden Lions Award at this year’s 42nd Polish Film Festival is the film’s third. The festival which starts today, so be quick booking the tickets!

Check out this film if you’re a fan of crime thrillers.