[LIVE] President Pawel Adamowicz Stabbed during the charity concert in Gdansk is alive

In Gdansk, General

A brutal attack stopped the festive atmosphere of the Grand Orchestra of Christmas Charity. During the final of the concert at the Coal Market in Gdansk, a man entered the stage and stabbed the president of Gdansk – Pawel Adamowicz.

Update 2:30 am – The president is alive

After 5 hours of surgery, doctor Tomasz Stefaniak, the director of the therapeutics at the University Clinical Centre in Gdansk came out to the journalists. He said that the surgery took five hours and the doctors transfused 41 units of blood. The internal damages were very serious.

President Pawel Adamowicz had a very serious heart wound, a diaphragm wound as well as wounds of abdomen organs. The condition of the patient is still very serious and the upcoming hours will be crucial.

According to the director, the surgeons did everything they needed to do. As a result of a huge blood loss, President suffered from asphyxiation. The only thing left now is to wait and hope. Adamowicz is a relatively young and healthy man. We need to hope that his organism will cope with the damages.

Mrs. Dulkiewicz, President’s spokeswoman thanked the employees of the University Clinical Centre in Gdansk for their hard work. She underlined that during those difficult moments, all signs of solidarity and prayers are very important for the family and the closest friends.

The attack on the president of Gdansk

At the Coal Market in Gdansk, around 8:00 pm, a tragedy stopped the festive atmosphere of a charity concert.

During the final countdown before the firework display, an attacker entered the stage. He stabbed the President of Gdansk – Pawel Adamowicz. According to the commentators, the situation looks like a planned attack. Dziennik Baltycki informed unofficially, that the attacker performed three stabbings. One in the chest and two in the stomach.

Gathering the footage from different smartphones and cameras recording the event, TVN24 prepared a reconstruction of the events.

You can see the video clicking here.

Right after the attack, the paramedics took care of the President. The reanimation took place some 30/40 minutes. After this, he was transported to the Clinic Center in Gdansk. The victim is in a very bad condition and is now undergoing surgery.


The President is under the care of the Clinic Center in Gdansk. The best doctors of the hospital are taking care of him. The President immediately got under the surgery receiving care from the best doctors. During the attack, the knife damaged President’s abdominal aorta.

The hospital where the President is being operated on is one of the best in Europe. It has the best, very modern equipment which helps the surgeons in saving lives.

At 22:15, the spokeswoman of the President passed the updates to the media. For a longer time, the President is under the surgery. His condition remains critical.

Around 22:30, the doctors managed to resume the work of a heart of the President.

Close to midnight, the spokesman said that all necessary specialists participate in the surgery. The condition of the President is still critical.

The surgery ended around 2:25 at night on Monday.

The attacker

According to the police, the attacker is a 27 years old ex-convict. In the past, the authorities charged him for mugging. He attacked the president with a knife. After stabbing the President, the attacker shouted from the stage for a while. According to the videos from the audience, he took over the microphone to scream to the crowd. Some of the media mention also, that the attacker was a repeat criminal.

According to the local media, the attacker had a “MEDIA” badge. This allowed him to get close to the stage. The most tragic though is that he managed to get on stage and attack President Pawel Adamowicz.

The attacker was captured by the security and by the police shortly after the attack.


The police as well as prosecutors are now investigating the case. The crime scene is under the examination of the authorities. The attacker is in custody and is being questioned by the police.

The authorities are also investigating the quality of the security of the event.

Messages of support

Many major politicians, both local and national released statements of support towards President Pawel Adamowicz and his family. President Andrzej Duda was the first one to inform about bringing back the heart beat by the doctors. The former President of Poland, Lech Walesa tweeted shortly but meaningfully “Pawel, we are all with you”.

Polish Prime Minister – Mateusz Morawiecki condemned the attack. The President of the European Council Donald Tusk shared words of support as well.

President of Gdynia – Wojciech Szczurek issued a statement urging the politicians to avoid the speech of hate in public relations. President of Sopot – Jacek Karnowski is in the hospital in Gdansk.

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