Paixao’s fails leave Lechia Gdansk with a draw, Arka defeated at home

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Flavio Paixao scored from the penalty spot but failed another one leaving Lechia Gdansk with a minimal advantage. In the end, Celeban scored for Slask and Wroclaw’s team got a point in Gdansk. Also at home, Arka Gdynia lost 0:2 to Jagiellonia Bialystok.

Lechia Gdansk – Slask Wroclaw

Lechia Gdansk didn’t manage to do better than a 1:1 draw at home on Friday against Slask Wroclaw. The result could have been different if Flavio Paixao took advantage of at least one of the two great chances to score that he failed to finish.

In the second game of the season, Gdansk team gained the advantage in the 12th minute after Cholewiak pushed Haraslin inside the box. Referee Marciniak confirmed that there was a reason for a penalty with a help of VAR. Flavio Paixao didn’t fail and scored for Lechia.

Three minutes later, trying to answer the disadvantage, Piech forced Kuciak to save to corner with a cross-shot. In the 26th minute, the ball entered Kuciak’s goal after a header from Golla. Piech, however, was in offside position after Celeban’s cross and Golla’s goal was canceled although Piech didn’t touch the ball.

In the 31st minute, Cholewiak fouled Mak at the entrance of the box. The referee considered that the foul was inside the box although some may argue it was in fact outside the box. This time, Flavio Paixao wasn’t able to score allowing an easy save for Slowik.

Second half

Seven minutes into the second half, Haraslin came totally isolated on the left side but failed to score managing only to shot over the bar. Then it was Slask, first with Piech and then with Cholewiak, to try to reach the equalizer but Augustyn and the bar were delaying Slask’s goal.

Flavio Paixao was very near the 2-0 again in the 77th minute, but this time it was the post that prevented the third goal of the season for the Portuguese forward. So far, he is the only player that was able to score for Lechia in this season.

Five minutes later, Celeban, who also scored in the first game of the season, gave the equalizer to Slask after a corner kick by Ahmadzadeh. Polish defender benefited from a poor defensive action from Lechia to get a precious 1-1 for the away team.

Arka Gdynia – Jagiellonia Bialystok

On Sunday, Arka Gdynia lost 0:2 at home to Jagiellonia. Bialystok team, a winner in their midweek’s Europa League game against Rio Ave, were always better than the hosts.

After 35 minutes with no real chances for goal, Swiderski decided that it was time to give Jagiellonia the advantage with a great shot from outside the box giving no chances for Steinbors to save.

Arka reacted quickly and Luka Maric almost got a goal in the 38th minute with a fantastic shot but keeper Keleman was able to secure the advantage with a great save to corner.

Second half

In the second half, Arka rarely bothered Jagiellonia and Bialystok’s team ended up getting the 0:2. After a great pass from Pospisil in the 67th minute, Swiderski shot near the far post out of the reach for Steinbors.

Jagiellonia, who managed to get its first win in Ekstraklasa after a defeat with Lechia in the first round, could have reached the third goal on the 79th minute. Steinbors came in the way of a good effort by Bezjak avoiding the 0:3.

Lechia Gdansk, now with four points in two games, will go to Warsaw and face Legia on Saturday in the third round of Ekstraklasa. Arka Gdynia closes the round on Monday with an away game with Cracovia.