ONICO Gdynia Half Marathon 2018

In Gdynia, Sport

Nearly 6000 runners took part in ONICO Gdynia half marathon on Sunday morning. Despite the cold weather, the participants as well as fans along the route enjoyed the warm atmosphere. The two day event in Gdynia consisted of the half marathon as well as several additional events promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Nearly 6000 participants

Exactly 5913 runners arrived at the starting line of ONICO Gdynia half marathon on Sunday morning. Participants represented more than 20 lands including Uganda, Spain, Kenya, Ukraine, Germany, Russia, Great Britain and many others. The oldest woman among participants was 70 years old and the oldest man was 77.

The countdown began a few seconds before 10:00 am and the participants began their journey along the streets of Gdynia. The distance of 21 kilometers led through the most recognizable streets and places of the city including the Seaside Boulevard.

The weather

The weather in Gdynia welcomed the runners in a cold manner. The temperature was -5 degrees Celsius, but the perceived temperature was much lower. Due to the chilly wind the runners were experiencing a feeling of about -10 degrees Celsius. Running in such conditions was a big challenge, but the runners faced it bravely.

The best runners

5889 runners finished the ONICO Gdynia half marathon. They overcame challenges of the distance, the weather and their own bodies. The best of the participants arrived at the finish line after just over an hour from the start. The best was Ben Chelimo Somikwo from Uganda. He finished the race in 1:03:32 winning with just a second against El Hassan Oubaddi representing Spain. The third at the finish line arrived Joseph Mumo from Kenya with the time of 1:03:53. The best Polish runner was Marcin Chabowski who crossed the finish line after 1:04:53. This result placed him at the sixth position.

Among women the best was Moraa Christine Oigo representing Kenya. She finished the race with the time 1:13:54. Just four seconds after her, another Kenyan – Ruth Matebo passed the finish line. The third at the end of the race arrived an Ethiopian teenager, Marine Gezahegn. This 18 years old runner finished the race with the time 1:14:07. The best Polish runner among women was Agnieszka Gortel with the result 1:16:31 which placed her at the 5th position.