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NIP number

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NIP is the Polish Tax Identification Number.

A NIP number consists of 10 digits and it is used to identify the tax payers of Poland. A NOP number is mandated if you pay taxes in Poland. It can also be used as your additional Polish identification number, especially if you’re not able to get the PESEL number. At the same time, 

PESEL can be used as you tax ID number if you do not have the NIP number. While PESEL can sometimes be granted to foreigners automatically, this is not the case with the NIP number. If you want to get a Polish tax ID number, you need to apply for it or ask your employer to help you with getting one. The NIP registration is performed by tax authorities only once and each person is assigned only one NIP number.


What you need to do is go to your local tax office called Urząd Skarbowy. You will need to complete the NIP-7 form in Polish.  Printed forms can be usually found at the entrance of every tax office. It is recommended to ask your employer or someone speaking Polish to help you with filling out the form. Later on you will have to confirm your identity with your passport. If you are self- employed or your case is more complicated, you might be asked for some additional documentation. In more or less than a week you should get your NIP number, it can be sent to you by registered letter or you can collect it personally depending on what you choose.


  • completed NIP-7 form,
  • passport or identity card.


  • Free of charge.



I Urząd Skarbowy

Władysława IV street 2/4
81-353 Gdynia
Phone: 58 765 46 00

II Urząd Skarbowy

Hutnicza street 25
81-061 Gdynia
Phone: 58 76 54 800


I Urząd Skarbowy

Rzeźnicka street 54/56
80-822 Gdańsk

Phone: 58 32 12 300

II Urząd Skarbowy

Kołobrzeska street 43
80-391 Gdańsk

Phone: 58 765 45 00

III Urząd Skarbowy

Żaglowa street 2
80-560 Gdańsk
Phone: 58 712 91 00


23 Marca street 9/11
81-808 Sopot
Phone: 58 555 46 00

Tricity Tax Offices Opening Hours:

Monday 7:30 – 18:00

Tuesday – Friday 7:30 – 15:30



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