National Independence Day in Tricity

In Gdansk, Gdynia, General

Most of us don’t go to work tomorrow. Shops are going to be closed and many of us will enjoy a day off with families and friends. This day is though probably the most important national holiday in Poland – The National Independence Day.

The history of Polish independence

In XVIII century, Poland suffered three partitions the last one caused disappearing of Poland from maps. The land was divided between Russia, Prussia and Austria. The countries signed a document stating that the name Poland was to be removed from all maps, documents and international discussions. The goal was clear – to end the existence of Poland forever.

During following 123 years, Poland existed only in underground. Emigrated artists were writing about their longing to witness independent Poland again. It wasn’t before the start of World War I, that Polish people truly believed in re-gaining of independence. The international conflict in which three invaders took part, opened the prospect of independent Poland.

Though re-gaining of independence was a process, the most significant moment was at November 11th, 1918 when Marshal Jozef Pilsudski came to Warsaw. He was the first head of independent Poland. At that point Polish nation enthusiastically acknowledged the independence.

Celebration of November 11th in Tricity

The independence day is celebrated in Poland by organizing parades. In Tricity, there will be two main parades organized – in Gdansk and in Gdynia. The parade in Gdansk will start at 10:00 am at Podwale Staromiejskie street and it will continue to Targ Drzewny street. where it will end at 12:00.

The parade in Gdynia starts at 12:00 near Gdynia Main train station and it will march through 10 Lutego street to Kościuszki square, where the official celebrations are to take place until 2 p.m.

Another celebration for Gdynia will be a big run of independence, which starts at 3 p.m. The participants will run a distance of 10 km throughout the city.

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