Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk – the main exhibition

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Last weekend, nearly 2000 visitors had an unique opportunity to enter the Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk. The museum opened the main exhibition which tells the history of World War II in an extraordinary way. The visitors had to register beforehand – about a week before and the list of registrations filled within a few hours. Tricity News had an opportunity to take part in the tour as well. We present you a photo gallery in order to give you a sample of the Museum of the Second World War in Gdansk experience.

Museum of the Second World War

The Museum of the Second World War is one of the most anticipated museums in Poland. The project began in 2008 and the construction of the museum started in 2010. The building has 23.000 m2 and the main exhibition covers 5.000 m2. The main part consists of more than 2000 exhibits: documents, photos, movies, as well as hundreds of items from the generous donors.

The story of a global conflict

The Museum tells a story in a complex, yet detailed way. First of all, it presents the touching picture of an interior captured on three stages of the war. Following, the visitors learn about the background of the conflict, as well as the political systems gaining power before 1939. Afterwards, the path follows through different theatres and stages of the war. The Museum of the Second World War depicts this global conflict by telling the stories of individuals, groups and nations.  As a result, the visitors can feel compassion and empathy. Therefore the exhibition creates much deeper experience and touches the guests.

The anticipation continues

Due to internal, organizational changes within the management, the museum experiences difficulties now. Because of this complicated situation, the facility is not yet opened to the public. You can find out more about the museum and the situation at their official website. As soon as the museum announces any dates, prizes and schedules, we will pass this information to our readers.

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