More than a thousand saw the secrets of the Musical Theatre in Gdynia

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Have you ever wondered how does the theatre look like from backstage? How do actors prepare for their roles? Where do they keep all the scenography and what does the stage manager do? Those who visited the Musical Theatre in Gdynia last week got to know the answers.

Musical Theatre by Night

On Saturday late evening, crowds gathered in front of the main entrance to the Musical Theatre in Gdynia. Those were the people who wanted to get to know the secrets of the biggest Musical Theatre in Poland. More than a thousand visitors divided into some 50 groups and were gradually starting their tours. Actors, stage managers and other workers of the theatre were guiding the groups. As a result, the visitors had a chance to get to know many interesting backstage stories.

Going behind the courtain

The guests could see all three stages of the theatre plus their backstage areas. What is more, they saw great mechanisms under the main stage. Additionally, they saw how do actors prepare for their roles, where do they learn the choreography, practice singing or tapdancing. They could also get to know the actors and other employees of the theatre. Some enjoyed visiting the theatrical school. Some of the young ones already saw themselves practicing in the venues. Many enjoyed seeing the colorful costume designer’s office and the breathtaking scenography hidden behind the scenes.

An unforgettable experience

It doesn’t happen often that a theatre opens the backstage for the visitors. The event in the Musical Theatre in Gdynia brought many smiles on the faces of the visitors. It has also given much joy for the hosts. Ewa Walczak from the marketing office of the theatre said they were very happy that so many people visited them and wanted to see the backstage. While asked if this was the only opportunity to enjoy the tour, she said that they are planning to organize more events like this in the future.

Stay tuned to hear about the next editions of the event. In the meantime, we warmly invite you to visit the Musical Theatre in Gdynia to see some of their amazing shows. Many of the plays have English subtitles now, which makes them easier to enjoy by those who don’t speak Polish. More information about the shows and tickets is available at the official website of the theatre.

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