More than 100.000 tourists will come to Tricity on cruise ships this year

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Each year hundreds of thousands of tourists visit Tricity. The area is very attractive thanks to its location as well as many events during the summer. A big group of tourists come here traveling on cruise ships. It has already become a tradition to welcome some of the world’s most beautiful ships in ports both in Gdynia and Gdansk. This year almost 130 cruise ships will visit the ports. On their decks some 100.000 tourists will come to see and enjoy Tricity.

Cruise ship season in Gdynia

Gdynia expects 54 cruise ships in 2018. The first one will come on the 9th of May. MSC Orchestra which opens the season for Gdynia can carry up to around 4200 people (3200 passengers, 1000 crew). It is going to be a very interesting view as this huge ship is 294 meters long and consists of 13 decks. During the season, MSC Orchestra will come to Tricity 3 times.

The biggest ship in this season is Mein Schiff 1 which is a 315 meters long ship. This year a new vessel debuts under this name replacing an older and smaller ship. The new Mein Schiff 1 which we will see in Tricity 6 times carries up to 2.894 passengers. The smallest of all ships coming to Gdynia is Ocean Majesty which is 135,5 meters long and will bring some 530 passengers and around 260 crew members. The biggest ships in this season will come to Gdynia so if you would like to observe these beautiful vessels, check the schedule (link in Polish) and visit the port.

Cruise ship season in Gdansk

Gdansk usually attracts smaller cruise ships. The same is this year as the biggest ship coming to Gdansk is MS Marina. This 238 metes long ship carries some 1.250 passengers and around 800 crew members. It is going to come once, on the 20th of June. The smallest, yet very interesting vessel is a mega yacht carrying some 70 passengers. This 68 meters long ship will visit Gdansk 7 times during this season.

What is interesting, though, is that Gdansk opens the season very early this year. The first ship is coming already on the 18th of April. Portuguese Astoria is 160 meters long, carries less than 400 passengers and will dock at Westerplatte. If you want to come and see some of the ships coming to Gdansk this year, check the schedule.

Costa Pacifica

Last year, Tricity News toured one of the cruise ships visiting Gdynia – Costa Pacifica. Click here to see an exclusive peek into interiors of this 290 meters long vessel carrying up to 3.780 passengers.

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