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Gdańsk Model United Nations is a conference organized by the students of High School No. 3 in Gdańsk with the cooperation of the European Solidarity Centre. The conference will be held from the 25th till the 27th of October 2019 in the ECS building. Students from the whole country of Poland will take the role of the delegates of member countries of the United Nations Organization, to take part in debates of the UN model.

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MUN idea

Nowadays youth is more and more interested in what is happening in the world. They become engaged, aware and careful about politics, global problems, and the environment. On the whole world for these people, the organization Model United Nations (MUN) prepares special conferences in English on the biggest problems of today. These conferences take place also in Poland as well as in England, Bolivia, Canada, USA, Brazil, Singapore, Thailand, Germany, France – almost everywhere. In Poland, such initiative is cultivated in Warsaw, Tricity, Cracow, Poznań, Łódź, Białystok, etc. Here, in Tricity, this kind of conference takes place twice a year – the first one is TriMUN (Tricity Model United Nations) organized by High School no. 3 in Gdynia and the second one is GDNMUN (Gdańsk Model United Nations) organized by High School No. 3 in Gdańsk, which is a bit younger and smaller conference.

The general idea of this is to organize the debates, conversations, on global problems by young students, who will search together for solutions and cooperate for a better tomorrow. This is only a simulation, however as many participants say – it has a big influence on how easy sometimes we can make the world a better place.

Application and participating

Their task will base on considering the solutions for global problems, which now the world tries to solve. The last two conferences were a great success. Participating in GDNMUN broad horizons allowing the delegates to discover the country they represent and problems the world has to deal with. It demands to cooperate with other delegates from other countries and to be open-minded. Moreover, it is a great opportunity to discover new facts about the countries they represent. The conference is in English therefore for Polish delegates it is also a good exam for their language skills.

This year GDNMUN also prepares a conference for everyone. The debates take place in ECS – European Solidarity Centre. The conference is foreseen for 200 delegates from Poland but also abroad.

To participate you have to apply as a delegate. The application opened on the 25th of August and will close on 25th September. This year apply can not only the students from high school, but also university students and middle schoolers.


This year delegates can apply to 8 committees debating on the topics below, moderated by chairs:

  1. World Health Organization: Tackling the issue of intimate partner and sexual violence. (coordinated by Jakub Szczapa and Jakub Olszak)
  2. World Bank: Fostering low-carbon economy under the circumstances of climate change. (coordinated by Lena Sikorska and Wiktor Jaszczuk)
  3. Human Rights Council: Preserving human rights in prison worldwide. (coordinated by Maria Zagajewska and Stefan Rek)
  4. Security Council: Re-examining the Golan Heights dispute. (coordinated by Stefan Cichowski and Jędrzej Staszak)
  5. International Court of Justice: Enforcement of death sentence on alleged Indian spy Kulbhushan Jadhav. (coordinated by Martyna Koszela and Janek Ogonowski)
  6. League of Nations: Great Depression: Examining the balance of power in the world. (coordinated by Pola Gaweł and Borys Ziemianowicz)
  7. United Nations Environment Programme: Promoting and assisting developing countries in implementing renewable energy sources. (coordinated by Paulina Rokosz and Weronika Czubek)
  8. Economic and Social Council: Mitigating fossil fuel dependency. (coordinated by Wiktor Szafraniec and Franciszek Bohdziewicz)

The Secretariat – main organizers – include:

Filip Kozak – the Secretary-General of GDNMUN 2019; Igor Sztormowski – Director-General; Jan Tyczyński – President of General Assembly; Franek Zajączkowski – Head of Finance; Agata Wyszykowska – Head of Communications; Mateusz Raczkowski – Head of Logistics; Adam Łukaszuk – Chair Coordinator; Pola Leśniewska – Page Queen; Zuzia Klimkiewicz – Social Media Manager; Dominika Klepaczko, Ola Budzisz, Olga Malinowska – Press Team; Kuba Olszak, Kacper Guzewicz, Dominik Radomski – IT Team.

More information

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About how the debates will look and what solutions delegates will find, we will inform during the debates.

Social media contact with GDNMUN 2019

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