Mainland Europe Irish Dancing Championships in Gdynia

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A week ago Gdynia hosted a very special event. Mainland Europe Irish Dancing Championships took place in Gdynia Arena. The event is the most important and the most prestigious Irish Dancing competition in the continental part of Europe. Hundreds of the best dancers from Europe, Asia and Middle-East came to Tricity. Their goal was to compete for the highest prizes as well as the qualification to the World Championships.

Mainland Europe Irish Dancing Championships

The prestigious European competition in Irish Dancing is an annual event which takes place in the bast locations around Europe. Previous editions were in Milan, Vienna, Salzburg, The Hague, Brema, Munich as well as in Cracow. This year, European best dancers visited Gdynia in Tricity. ISTA, the School of Irish Dancing which operates in Gdansk, was a co-organizer of the event. The main organizer as always was the organization of Registered Teachers Mainland Europe. Experienced, British judges made the most important decisions in European Irish dancing during that weekend. Additionally, the dancers performed to the sounds of music played by William Paterson and Kevin Murphy.

The opening gala

Mainland Europe Irish Dancing Championships in Gdynia opened on Friday with an official gala. During this initial event, the audience could enjoy the show filled spectacular choreography based on Irish Dancing.

Main competition

Representatives from more than 20 countries took part in the main competition of this event. Throughout the weekend, the visitors enjoyed performances of dancers competing in 53 categories. On Saturday, the audience could see how the young ones present their high skills in this difficult dance.

However the climax of the weekend holiday with Irish Dancing in Gdynia came on Sunday. On that day, the most important adult competitions took place. Additionally, the judges chose the representatives of Europe for the upcoming World Championships. One of such representatives is Katy Pegg, who represented Maguire O’Shea Academy. Together with seven other ladies, she will represent European nations at World Championships.

A weekend full of emotions

This weekend was definitely filled with emotions not only for the participants and their teachers, but also for all those who visited Gdynia Arena. We are looking forward to hosting more events connected with Irish Dancing in Tricity.