Lotos Trefl Gdansk wins against Asseco Resovia

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Lotos Trefl Gdansk won against the second best Polish volleyball team Asseco Resovia. It was also the first time that the team from Gdansk won against Resovia in Gdansk. This leveled game ended with a score 3:2 in sets for Lotos. 4150 supporters came to support their teams in Ergo Arena.

Mental advantage

The team from Tricity had a mental advantage in this game, because they already defeated Resovia lately. The last match was a quarter final of Polish Cup and the game took place in Rzeszów. Lotos won 3:2 and eliminated Resovia from the cup. This win showed that the opponents can be defeated even though they are the third team in the league.

Leveled beginning

The match in Gdansk started with an even exchange of points. Neither of the teams could dominate the game, which was at a very high level. Resovia ended the first set very well, gaining quickly 4 points in a row and winning the part shortly after. The first set ended with a score 23:25. The second part of the match started again with an exchange of evenly successful punches, but this time Lotos was dominating a bit more. As a result, the set ended with a score 26:24.

Breakdown and come back

The third set was very nervous for the fans of Lotos Trefl Gdansk. The team was visibly dominated by Asseco Resovia and wasn’t able to make up points. The third set ended with a humiliating result 17:25. The team from Tricity didn’t give up and they came back in a nice style dominating the fourth set. At one point Lotos was leading by 8 points. This showed that the team is not going to give up on the game. The fourth set ended with a result 25:20.

Dominated tie-break

The team from Gdansk started the last part of the game quickly gaining the lead. The team comfortably dominated the conclusion of the match with great support of the fans. The tie-break ended with a result 15:10 and the result of the whole game is 3:2 for Lotos Trefl Gdansk.

The next game

Lotos Trefl Gdansk is going to play two away matches. One against Zaksa Kędzierzyn Koźle – the leader of the league and the other against Espadon Szczecin. The next game in Ergo Arena is scheduled for the 11th of February and the guests will be Skra Bełchatów – one of the most titled clubs in Poland.


Tickets are available at: WWW.TREFL.TICKETSOFT.PL,.

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If not through the internet – tickets are available at Ergo Arena’s cash desk and a lot of different places like: hotel Haffner, Touristic Center in Sopot (Stowarzyszenie Turystyczne Sopot) and Basketball Shop ( Sklep Koszykarza) in Manhattan shopping center.