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Photo: Jakub Woźniak/Tricity NewsPhoto: Jakub Woźniak/Tricity News

The 19th round of Lotto Ekstraklasa started on Friday with two matches, one of which took place in Gdańsk. Lechia played with Śląsk Wrocław. The White & Greens dominated the match and won 3:0 gaining 3 points and coming back to the first position in the league.

Good game of Flavio Paixao

One of the most visible players on the pitch was definitely Flavio Paixao, who scored two goals. He created opportunities from the very beginning of the game and scored in 30th minute of the game. This was the only goal in the first half, but Lechia dominated despite a couple of situations created by the team from Wrocław.

Domination underlined

Though guests created a fantastic situation in the 57th minute of the game, it was Lechia, and Kuświk, who scored 2 minutes later. Being 2 goals ahead, the hosts were controling the game and as a result the whole game slowed down. In the 90th minute Flavio Paixao scoreda second goal though and Lechia ended the match with 3:0 on the board.

Conditional leadership

Thanks to this victory, Lechia came back to the first position in the table of Lotto Ekstraklasa. However, their leadership is conditional, as the second team in the table – Jagiellonia is playing in Gdynia on Monday. If the team from Białystok will win on the ground of the Yellow and Blue’s, they will keep the leadership due to advantage of goals. Arka is  desperate for points though, and we hope they will do their best to overpower the opponents. It seems that this time Lechia’s leadership is in the hands of their biggest rivals – Arka Gdynia.

One thing is certain. If Arka wins on Monday, whole Tricity will have reasons to celebrate.

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