Lechia Gdansk wins the Tricity Derby and gets the leadership back

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Flavio Paixao scored the winning goal for Lechia Gdansk in the last minute of Tricity Derby with Arka Gdynia. The rivals played in 10 men for most of the second half. Augustyn was also in the spotlight not only because he scored a goal but also because he provoked the penalty kick that resulted in Arka’s only goal.

Lechia Gdansk – Arka Gdynia

Lechia Gdansk got the leadership of Ekstraklasa back after winning at home 2:1 against Arka Gdynia. They have also benefited from the 1:1 draw between Jagiellonia Bialystok and Legia Warszawa on Friday.

It was the team from that had the first real occasion for a goal in Tricity Debry. In the third minute, keeper Steinbors touched the ball to a corner after a free kick by Mladenovic. Augustyn appeared in a great position for a successful header.

In the tenth minute, Alomerovic stopped a good shot from out of the box by Nalepa well. Two minutes later he almost offered a goal to Arka though. Lechia’s keeper allowed Kolev to intercept the ball and pass it to Jankowski who shot for a goal. The referee canceled the goal, however, as the striker was offside.

Kolev was in the spotlight again in the 20th minute when he could still touch the ball after a long pass from Maghoma. This time though Alomerovic managed to save and avoided what could well be the first goal of the match.

Six minutes after, Lechia got the advantage. Mladenovic, with a superb corner kick, put the ball within the reach of Augustyn that scored the 1:0 with his back. The 2:0 could well have happened in the 30th minute if Flavio Paixao reached Michalak’s cross.

Another change of score came in the 32nd minute. After a VAR consultation, the referee spotted a handball by Augustyn inside the box. Janota shot confidently from 11 meters and gave his team a 1:1.

Second half

Twenty minutes into the second half, a small push on the back of Haraslin from Socha near the midfield line resulted in the second yellow card for Arka’s defender. This meant more trouble for the away team that had to play with only 10 men until the end of the match.

From now on, Lechia took the control of the match and was near the goal in the 69th minute when substitute Sobiech headed after a cross from Mladenovic. Stainbors saved his team in this case. Sobiech was again in good position for a goal in the 74th minute after a cross by Wolski but Steinbors was there again.

When everyone was ready for a draw in the derby, Joao Nunes crossed into the box for a header of substitute Arak. The ball went straight to unmarked Flavio Paixao, who gave the victory for his team in his 100th match for Lechia Gdansk.


With this result, Lechia is first in Ekstraklasa again. With 25 points, they have one point more than Jagiellonia and two more than Legia Warsaw. Arka Gdynia remained at the eight position with 17 points. This is the same result as the ninth-placed Zaglebie Lubin that also lost in the round.