Lechia Gdansk stays second, Arka gets an important win

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In the ninth round of Ekstraklasa, Lechia Gdansk played a home game against Zaglebie Lubin. A day before, in the other part of Tricity, Arka Gdynia hosted Lech Poznan. The first match, in Gdynia, finished with hosts’ win. In Gdansk though, the match finished with a draw despite many goals.

Lechia Gdansk – Zaglebie Lubin

Lechia Gdansk remained second in Ekstraklasa after nine rounds after getting a 3:3 home draw with Zaglebie Lubin. The White and Greens were winning by 3:0 in the 25th minute thanks to a hat-trick by newcomer Artur Sobiech.

Polish forward, who played several seasons in Germany before coming to Gdansk started to score very soon. In the eighth minute, Sobiech deflected the ball into the goal after a cross from Flavio Paixao.

Seven minutes later, Haraslin advanced on the left side to serve Sobiech for his second goal of the day. In the 25th minute, Lechia seemed to be even more in the control of the game. Wolski crossed for Kubicki to head right into a Zaglebie’s defender. Sobiech took advantage from the rebound and successfully shot into the goal with the knee. 

Second half

In the second half, however, Zaglebie proved that the ball was still in play. There was still time to score three goals and go away with one point from Gdansk. The solution for Zaglebie came from the bench as substitutes Bohar and Mares scored two of these three goals.

After a header to the bar by Sobiech in the 51st minute, in what could have been the 4:0 for Lechia, Zaglebie started its amazing recovery. Starzynski avoided Nalepa’s opposition to run away from Lechia’s defense. He served unmarked Bohar for a great goal with no chance for Kuciak in the 60th minute.

Eight minutes later, Zaglebie got another goal after a handball by Augustyn in the box after a cross by substitute Silotov. The referee had to consult it with VAR before making a decision, but finally, Zaglebie got a penalty. Strazynski beat Kuciak from the 11th meter and made the 3:2.

In the 81st minute, Sasa Balic touched the ball with his hand after a shot by Flavio Paixao. This happened outside the box not inside as the referee initially thought. After a VAR consultation, the referee changed his mind and said it would only be a free kick instead of a penalty kick.

Already in added time, Zaglebie got the draw after a corner. Sirotov shot to goal, Augustyn intervened but the ball ended up on Mares’ foot. Polish forward didn’t fail the opportunity and scored the final 3:3.

Zaglebie still had a chance to leave Gdansk with three points after a shot by Sirotov in the dying seconds of the match but Kuciak saved to the corner and avoided his team’s defeat.

Arka Gdynia – Lech Poznan

In Gdynia, Arka, still in the second half of the classification, got their second win of the season. The hosts beat Lech Poznan by 1:0 on Friday. Though the guests had more much more chances, they weren’t effective enough to get a goal.

Lech got their first opportunity in the 21st minute when goalkeeper Putnocky discovered unmarked Joao Amaral on the right side. Portuguese midfielder crossed for Jozwiak, but he couldn’t do better than to shoot wide failing what could be the 0:1.

A few seconds later, Joao Amaral again served in perfection Tomczyk. Polish forward beat the offside trap but he was not effective enough to avoid keeper Steinbors’ action. In the 23rd minute, it was Amaral that tried the goal but Steinbors saved to a corner.

Arka Gdynia could only approach the goal in the final minutes of the first half. After a corner by Janota, Adam Deja headed towards Lech’s goal. The ball went just a little too wide though.

Already in added time, a quick counter-attack by Arka almost ended with a goal. Right after an attacking action by Lech, Nalepa served Zarandia who avoided keeper Putnocky and shot out of the box for the goal. The effort was however unsuccessful. 

Second half

In the second half, Lech had a great chance to score again when Gajos shot from outside the box for a superb save by Steinbors to the corner. After the corner, Kostevych failed the goal by centimeters.

In the 76th minute, Arka took advantage from a slow action by Lech’s defense ending with a ball in guest’s goal. Zarandia received the ball from Deja and avoided Goutas’ action to cross to Janota who had no trouble scoring the only goal of the match.

Zarandia-Janota combination almost worked again two minutes later, but this time Janota’s shot was too weak. Putnocky easily saved the shot. Lech’s defense still stunned with the goal suffered made things much easier for Arka Gdynia.

Lech tried to get a draw in the dying minutes of the game. First, a substitute Gytkjaer shot over the bar after a corner by Kostevych. And, in the last minute, Lech managed to get the ball inside Arka’s goal. The referee, however, canceled the goal as Tralka pushed Zbozien before he headed the ball into the goal.

Polish Cup

During the week, both teams from Tricity played in the First Round of the Polish Cup. Arka Gdynia went to Swietochlowice to play their match with an opponent from the fourth Polish League. Yellow and Blues had no problem winning 0:3.

Lechia Gdansk traveled to Cracow to play against Wisla. A nervous game ended up with penalties. Players from Gdansk made no mistake while one of the Wisla’s men missed the goal. This allowed Lechia to advance to the next round.

Next Ekstraklasa games

In the tenth round of Ekstraklasa, both of Tricity teams will play away on Friday. First, Lechia will play against Wisla Plock. Right after White and Greens’ match, Arka will play at Legia Warsaw’s field.