Lechia Gdansk loses leadership, Arka gets away from the relegation zone

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In the game between the first and the second of Ekstraklasa Lechia lost 1:3 to Legia. This allowed Warsaw’s team to move first in championship play-off. A controversial decision by the referee on the second minute marked the game. In Kielce, Arka won again and is now three points away from relegation line.

Lechia Gdansk – Legia Warszawa

Lechia Gdansk gave a step back towards winning Ekstraklasa by losing at home 1:3 to Legia Warszawa losing the leadership of the championship in a game marred with controversy related in particular to a penalty not awarded to the home team at the start of the match.

On the second minute, Sobiech ran with no opposition towards the goal, passed keeper Cierzniak and shot to goal with Jedrzejczyk apparently leaving his arm behind to stop the ball from going into the net.

After a VAR consultation, referee Stefanski decided otherwise apparently judging that the ball touched Jedrzejczyk’s chest before going to his hand and so deciding that this was no reason for the penalty and for a card to be shown to Legia’s defender.

However, it was Lechia that got the lead on the 17th minute when Michalak stroke a perfect cross to Haraslin’s head. All seemed to head fine for Lechia, a leader for most of the championship, that had now got an important advantage at home.

Second half

In the second half, Legia came stronger and started to get closer to Kuciak’s goal. On the 47th minute, Remy headed for a fine save from Kuciak and, ten minutes later, it was Kucharczyk, in a good position, that scared Lechia with a header that went wide.

On the 61st minute, Legia transformed in goal its domination in the second half with a goal by Stolarski in a shot that was deflected by Kubicki’s foot before went straight into Kuciak’s goal. The former Lechia player didn’t want to celebrate the 1:1 for Legia.

There was still time for more controversy at the Energa Stadium. At the 76th minute, Sobiech was left alone and when he tried to cross to serve Paixao for goal the ball touched Remy foot before touching French defender’s hand. Once again, the referee saw no reason for the penalty.

Three minutes later, after a long pass by keeper Cierzniak, Carlitos got rid of an opponent and served to Martins. With a precise pass, Martins served Szymanski. He, in turn, rounded Kuciak and served Hamalainen for the 1:2. A simple move in only 12 seconds that gave a precious lead to Legia and that inflicted a huge blow to the home team.

With only ten minutes left to recover, Lechia, as in most of the second half, showed no arguments to get closer from Cierzniak’s goal. It was also Legia that ended up scoring the third with a superb shot by substitute Iuri Medeiros from out of the box that Kuciak couldn’t stop.


With this result, Lechia lost again the leadership and gets back to the same situation as after the first day of championship play-off: three points behind from Legia Warszawa. After playing Polish Cup final with Jagiellonia Bialystok on May 2nd, Lechia faces Cracovia in an away match on May 5th.

Korona Kielce – Arka Gdynia

In Kielce, Arka Gdynia made an important step towards remaining among Polish best teams next season with a second consecutive victory in relegation play-off this time in Kielce in a game where Vejinovic was crucial with a goal and an assist.

Korona could have reached the lead soon into the game when Soriano failed to shot the ball to goal after a free kick from Arveladze on the third minute.

Fourteen minutes later, Arka suffered another scare when Helstrup tried to serve keeper Steinbors but the ball rolled on the water from the rain. The goalkeeper failed to clear the ball on the first attempt but was still in time to put it away before Arveladze come closer.

The rain that had provoked a scare to Arka was then fundamental for the away team’s advantage. After a throw-in, the ball landed on the water making Pucko failing to clear the ball. Vejinovic, on the right spot, shot out of the reach for keeper Hamrol making the 0:1 on the 39th minute. Two minutes later, Hamrol saved Korona from the 0-2 putting away an excellent cross from Marciniak.

Second half

In the second half, Korona Kielce trainer promoted Brown Forbes into the team and Panamanian almost got the equalizer after a superb pass from Soriano. Forbes held on to Helstrup’s opposition but saw Steinbors stopping his shot with a fine save with the foot on the 50th minute.

Two minutes later, Brown Forbes headed wide after a cross from Kosakiewicz and, on the 60th minute, Korona’s forward provoked more problems to Arka with another shot that Steinbors was able to stop with difficulty.

After a shot wide from Marquez on the 62nd minute, Korona Kielce’s players saw reasons for a penalty when Zubrowski close-range shot touched Marciniak’s arm on the 71st minute. After some seconds, referee Przybyl decided that there was no reason for penalty.

After all this, Arka decided it was time to secure the victory. Marciniak with a header out of the reach for keeper Hamrol after a free kick from Vejinovic decided who would be the winner.


Arka is now three points away from the relegation zone and plays on May 3rd in Plock trying to get its third consecutive win in Ekstraklasa after 15 matches without a win.