Lechia Gdansk fails in defense again and loses to the last

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Lechia Gdansk could not continue the good performance from the last round. Back then they managed to get a draw against the former leader Gornik Zabrze. This time they suffered a painful 1-3 loss at home with Pogon Szczecin. Defensive mistakes appeared in Gdansk’s team again in this match.

Early goal

During the first 15 minutes, none of the teams created an opportunity to score. Shortly after that, Lechia failed in defense. In the 17th minute, Murawski served unmarked Piotrowski that without any opposition passed to Fraczczak. Flavio Paixao still tried to cut the ball, but Pogon player ended up scoring without big trouble.

Two minutes later, another huge hole in Lechia’s defense could have given new goal for Pogon. Spas Delev, isolated himself after an excellent pass from Fraczczak. He decided to try from outside of the box, but couldn’t do better than shot over bar.

In the 33rd minute, Augustyn failed to cut the ball and left Piotrowski free. Lechia’s player was still able to get back into the play, but Piotrowski benefited from the mistake. After passing Augustyn, he invaded home team’s box, and managed to shoot the ball between Kuciak and the post. This made the second goal for the guests.

Lechia Gdansk was near Pogon’s goal five minutes later after a corner kick from Peszko. However, home team players were unable to shoot although the ball was near the goal line. Additionally, the ball touched Fraczczak’s arm in the box after a shot from Krasic. The referee found no reason for penalty though.

Second half

With Romario Balde on Krasic’s place, home team improved a little bit after the break. It was Pogon however, that had a better chance with a shot over the bar at the 53rd minute.

White and Green tried to come closer to Pogon’s goal but without any bigger success. Patryk Lipski, who had just come into the game, created some danger at the 57th minute after a free kick. Pogon’s keeper made a good save though and kept the advantage of his team untouched.

Things got even more difficult for Lechia 18 minutes from time when Pogon got another goal. This time it was from a penalty kick after a handball by Mato Milos. Fraczczak scored his second goal of the day from the 11-meter spot.

Lechia was still able to reduce Pogon’s advantage with a goal by Marco Paixao six minutes from time. The Portuguese scored after a corner kick by Lipski but there was little time for anything more. The fans started some pyro at the dying minutes of the game. This led the referee to stop the game and give six minutes of added time.

Post-match comments

After the game, Lechia’s coach conceded that he was “disappointed” with his team. He said that Lechia Gdansk’s performance was “tactically too open”. “It was not the way that we wanted to end the year here” in Gdansk.

“Maybe the players thought that after a game with Gornik things will be easier. But it was proven that was not like this. In Ekstraklasa, we need to fight”, added Adam Owen.

Situation in the league

With this result, Lechia maintained the tenth place in Ekstraklasa with 24 points. Pogon Szczecin is still the last in the classification with 14 points.