Knockout in Kraków

In Gdynia, Sopot
Photo: Jakub Woźniak/Tricity News
In the 17th round of Lotto Ekstraklasa, Arka Gdynia lost 5:1 against Wisła Kraków. After this match falls to the 11th position in the table and has 20 points, which is only 6 points more than the last team. There are still 13 matches to play in the league, but Arka is visibly at the bad path now.

Early score for Arka

The beginning of the match was like a deja vu from last week. In 5th minute Marcin Warcholak scored a goal after a free kick and Arka was leading 0:1. But Arka’s fans were watching the same scenerio as in the last match against Nieciecza – in 18th minute after a quick counterattack Boguski scored his first goal for Wisła that night and 11 minutes later he did it again and Wisła was leading 2:1. Unfortunately for Arka’s fans Wisła wasn’t planning to stop scoring and before the end of the first half they scored their 3rd goal that night.

Domination continued

If Yellow&Blue’s fans were hoping to see a much better performance of their players in the second half they must have been disappointed. Wisła clearly decided to take a revenge after July’s match in Gdynia (Arka won 3:0). In 63rd minute Boguski defeated Jałocha for the third time and Arka was losing 4:1. Eight minutes later the result was 5:1. Arka had no idea how to break through Wisła’s well organized defense.

A bad path

Yellow&Blues are in a huge crisis, as it was Arka’s 7th defeat this season. Will coach Niciński find the right words to motivate his team to get out of this crisis? He will have his chance to do so in a few days as Arka is playing against Bytovia in Polish Cup quarterfinal on Tuesday. This might be a chance to redeem themselves in the eyes of fans, who get more and more frustrated with each match.

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