[advertising article] Join Cross the Borders project

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“Cross the borders” is an international mentoring program. If you are a beginner entrepreneur and would like to expand your activity on foreign markets, the project may interest you.

How to participate

You can apply through the website przekroczgranice.pl. The deadline of applying is June the 5th.

The whole program consists of mentoring program, full-day workshop and final event. You can register your participation in the full program as well as in the workshop day only.

Mentoring program

Mentoring program of Cross the Borders starts at June the 7th and continues until June 24th. Through this time, the participant gets an opportunity to meet with all 8 mentors and consult his business and ideas with them. Mentoring program is also an opportunity to widen up the network of cooperation and potential clients.

Mentors of the program are: 

Agnieszka Klimczak Iddeni , Mirella Brzoza Let’s Talk Pro, Wojciech Widzicki Widzicki.com, Rob Dombrowski Smart Quality Solutions , Kuba Kadlubowski Zuchwali, Mirella Brzoza Let’s Talk Pro, Jake Smolarek JakeSmolarek.com, Piotr Motyl Biznes Ponad Granicami and Katarzyna Richter (the project owner).


An interesting event connected with Cross the Borders project is a full-day workshop. This special event is on 25th of June in Hotel Sadova in Gdansk. During this day, the participants will learn how to conduct international sales negotiations, how to use time effectively, what is quality in business or how to build business relations with Middle-East clients. Additionally, there will be a workshop on Business Savoir Vivre.

The final

The last stage of Cross the Borders project in 2017 is the final gala. This event will take place in Hotel Sadova in Gdansk on 26th of June.

Benefits of Cross the Borders

The organizers of the project list several benefits you may gain by joining the program. They promise inspiration, new perspective, development of your self-esteem, motivation, new contacts, knowledge, support as well as tools needed.

So if you are interested in participating in such a project, register today!