Indian cuisine at the Expat meeting

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Expats in Tricity met in Officyna Vinegre on Saturday to enjoy a meeting which was very rich in flavors. We’ve asked Nazeen Koonda, who was in charge of kitchen works to share her impressions with us. The attendants enjoyed the recipes shared by her, Priyanka Sharma and Himanshu Sharma. This is what Nazeen shared with us.

Expats in Tricity

[Text by Nazeen Koonda] The Expats in Tricity group has been meeting up almost every month for the last three years. It is a growing group of eclectic people from all over the world, living and working in Gdansk. Started and led by Izabela Disterheft, the group meets every month in different cafes and restaurants, where they network and have a few learning session. As part of these meetups, the group has recently started organizing cooking workshops. Both of them were held at officyna Vinegre, a restaurant in the Alchemia Business Park, the first one led by the chefs at the restaurant was about Polish cooking and the second one held recently was about Indian cooking at home. The workshops were attended by 30-40 persons each time.

The cooking workshop at Officyna Vinegre

When we were requested to do a cooking workshop, we thought, “ah! A piece of cake!”, but We kinda forgot that all three of us are home cooks and not used to cooking for so many people. I think reality hit when we sat down with Chef Slawek to create a grocery list!

As we walked into officyna Vinegre on Saturday and greeted everyone, we were really apprehensive. Would we be able to deliver? Will the food taste good? This was a truly international audience and we were worried.

But, once the cooking started, things started to fall into place. Everyone was super helpful and ready to get things done and we starting churning out the dishes one after another. Although, it must be said, that if it wasn’t for Chef Slawek cheering us on and guiding us, we might have panicked a lot more!

Yes, there were a few mishaps, once when we nearly put coriander in the dessert 🙂 and when someone shut off the stove under the biryani… but in the end, it all turned out well!

As they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating…. And the fact that at the end of the evening, we had no leftovers, spoke a bit about how much everyone enjoyed themselves.

Great thanks

Just wanted to say thank you to the team at Officyna for their awesome support and for trusting us with their kitchen. Also, a massive thank you to everyone who came, helped and ate 🙂

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