The highest building in Tricity rises over OBC

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Tricity will soon have a new highest building. Olivia Star is a part of Olivia Business Centre and it’s top point will rise 180m above the ground. The building will be very interesting for both business and tourism.

The highest in Tricity

Since 2009, the highest building in Tricity was Sea Towers. The 142m high building was the 13th highest Polish building. It was also the first and for many years the only building in Tricity which is over 100m high. Olivia Star is going to be more than two times higher than Neptun business centre in Wrzeszcz or St. Mary’s Church. The building will the highest building not only in Tricity, but also in whole Northern Poland.


The main purpose of Olivia Star is to be a part of Olivia Business Centre – a multifunctional set of office buildings. But the building will not only serve as a seat for many international companies. The highest floors will become commonly accessible observation decks as well as a conference centre. Those places will offer an incredible view on Tricity area. A glazed winter garden will be situated at the ground level. This facility will serve as a place for educational and artistic events.

Olivia Star in numbers

The new building of OBC is going to be 180 m high with a facade peak point at the level of 156 m. The building consists of 35 floors above ground and 3 underground levels and it was designed by BJK Architekci company from Gdynia. The first residents of the building will be able to move in within a few months.

Olivia Business Centre

The business centre has been developing since 2010 in close neighborhood of the University of Gdansk. OBC offers 73.000 m2 of office space and opening of Olivia Star will rise this number to 120.000 m2. The centre hosts more than 110 companies like Airhelp, Allianz, Amazon, Bayer, Sii, Staples or ThyssenKrupp.