Groups for CEV 2017 Volleyball European Championship announced

In Gdansk, Sopot

The European Volleyball Confederation announced the groups for upcoming CEV Volleyball European Championships held in Poland which will take place in late August and beginning of September 2017. Polish team with group A will play in Gdansk, at Ergo Arena.

Group A – Gdansk

Ergo Arena in Gdansk will be hosting Polish national team together with 3 teams: Serbia, Finland and Estonia. The games will be played from August 23rd and the schedule is yet to be presented. Ergo Arena can welcome around 12.000 supporters. It will be especially visible during matches of Polish national team, which always gathers huge amounts of supporters.

Group B – Szczecin

Not far from Gdansk, in Szczecin, at Azoty Arena which is capable to host almost 5500 fans. In this group we will see Italy, Germany, Slovakia and Czech Republic. Co-hosting of European’s greatest volleyball event is a great opportunity for Szczecin to promote itself and show their Arena to wider, international audience.

Group C – Krakow

The biggest arena will host group C as well as the final round of the tournament. During the group stage we will see Russia, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Spain there. Tauron Arena in Krakow can host more than 15000 fans and is located in one of the best known Polish cities – the second capital of Poland.

Group D – Katowice

The biggest city in Silesian region – Katowice will host group D. In this group there are: France, Belgium, Netherlands and Turkey. Teams will play in one of the most recognizable arenas in Poland – Spodek. It can host 11500 fans and is located in the center of the city.

A tournament full of emotions

This is going to be a very interesting tournament and for sure we will not experience lack of emotions. Though Poland is the second best volleyball in the world according to FIVB, in CEV European ranking the team was classified at the fifth place after France, Italy, Russia and Serbia. Will they manage to reach the highest prize in the upcoming European tournament? We will see in September 2017.