Great Cruise Ship Season for Tricity

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The cruise ship season in Tricity ended in October. It was much longer than in previous years. This year was especially interesting in ports in Gdansk and Gdynia due to a variety of visiting ships. What’s more, a huge amount of tourists visited Tricity in this way.

2018 Cruise Ship Season in Gdynia

Traditionally, the biggest cruise ships were docking in Gdynia. The Port of Gdynia hosted 50 cruise ships since the beginning of May till the end of October. Approximately more than 100 thousand tourists came to Gdynia this way. According to local media, on average each visitor left approximately 80 Euros in the area. This means an additional income of some 8 million Euro which went to local restaurants, tourist companies etc.

This season in Gdynia was also special due to some very interesting vessels. Two of them deserve a special attention: Mein Schiff 1 and Queen Elizabeth. The first is the biggest of the cruise ships which came to Tricity this year. With 316 meters of length and 16 decks, it dominated ports landscape bringing nearly four thousand people.

A record in Gdansk

This year’s cruise ship season resulted in a record in Gdansk. Minor cruise ships visited the city nearly 70 times bringing more than 30 thousand tourists. The biggest of the ships visiting Gdansk was 240 meters long Marina. The vessels were docking for example at Westerplatte. This gave tourists a great opportunity to start discovering Tricity from this historically significant place.

Benefits for Tricity

Cruise ships have already become a significant part of the tourist industry in Tricity. The visitors can discover the area participating in many guided tours. They visit not only Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia, but also take further destinations like Malbork Castle. This definitely adds to the promotion of the region.

We are looking forward to the next year’s cruise ship season in Tricity and hoping for new records in 2019!