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From the time I’ve spent here, I’ve noticed that Poles are very proud of their cuisine and I’ve never seen that many people with cabbage, potatoes and beetroot embedded in their dishes, than Poles. Let me tell you though, the Poles know what they are doing, I’ve even become a big fan of beetroots because of their skill. Nevertheless, there are plenty of people and restaurant owners open and eager to experimenting and playing with their foods.

Gault & Millau in Tricity

Tricity has a variety of restaurants focused on particular cuisines, many of them serving top notch food. According to the Yellow Guide Gault & Millau 2017, an influential French  restaurant guide, there are 29 restaurants recommended in Tricity. This means 29 opportunities to spoil your taste buds with exceptional food and irreproachable service. Every restaurant will proudly indicate their Gault & Millau award with a yellow sticker. So you walk in with confidence, knowing that you’re about to enjoy a fine meal.

Smaller places are good too

However, don’t ignore smaller places just because they are not mentioned on a guide. There are plenty of eateries in Tricity, with a reduced menu, tiny tables and great food. Some of these places have started as food trucks to later develop into a stationary place. They have done so, by offering quick tasty food at competitive prices. Such examples, which I heartily recommend, are Piñata – Mexican food, Surf Burger or, Tarttoria.

A variety of possibilities

Alternatively. Tricity is embracing everyone’s diets or eating lifestyles. While most places offer at least vegetarian dishes, more and more places choose to focus solely on vegetarian, vegan or gluten-free products. Wajdeloty, a charming neighborhood in the Wrzeszcz district of Gdańsk, is known for those kind of food trends. To name a few, you can enjoy a delicious meal at Hummus Land or Avocado or satisfy your sweet tooth at Fukafe. If you happen to be in the Old Town of Gdańsk, then stop by Guga Food. If you’re out and about in Gdynia, then I Krowa Cala has some great vegan burgers waiting for you.

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