Gdynia will have its own Central Park

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The town hall of Gdynia introduced a new investment plan for the upcoming years. Within 3 years, citizens will enjoy a Central Park. The representatives hope, that the park will be one of the favorite spots on the map of the city.

The green area

The new idea for the arrangement of the area contains creating space filled with plants, nature and attractions. It is going to be a place where everyone can enjoy a breath of fresh air. According to the plan, within the Central Park, future visitors will be able  to find good coffee, a place of shade to rest in or a nice spot to practice their favorite sport.

Current look and future plans

The Central Park will be surrounded by three streets: Swietojanska street, Pilsudskiego street and Legionow street. Within this area there is Sue Ryder square and a skate park loved by skaters, bikers and other fans of extreme sports.

The new concept contains adding 800-meters long running course and 850-meters long rollerblading track. Additionally, during the winter, visitors will be able to enjoy an ice-rink.

There are going to be special areas within the Central Park. There will be a silent zone, relaxation area and recreation part. Thanks to this solution, everyone will find a favorite spot in the new park.

Underground Parking

An additional, very important part of the new concept. Cars are going to drive into it from Swietojanska street. As a result of this solution, 286 cars will park underground, not on the streets.

President Szczurek about the Central Park

While presenting the new concept for the area, Wojciech Szczurek – the President of the City of Gdynia referred to the world famous Central Park in New York. Mr. President expressed hope, that the new park will become a place for all ages, demographics, as well as for sport enthusiasts.

The estimated cost of the project is 35 million PLN.